Why does everyone hate Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato so much?

A lot of people I know say that they are whores and they’re retarded all this rude stuff, and I really don’t know why.

I’m not a huge fan or anything, but I do think that Demi Lovato has a really good voice! And I don’t see anything wrong with Selena Gomez. They don’t seem like they would be worth hating to me. I don’t really get it.

Can anyone tell me why?

selena gomez


  1. JonasLovato says:

    I love them both. They are both great role models and I’ll argue that with anyone who disagrees.

    A lot of people who were fans of Miley didn’t like Demi and Selena because of a youtube video. Demi and Selena made a vlog on youtube and Miley and Mandy did a youtube mocking that video. People thought Miley hated Demi and Selena was they hated them too.

    But now Miley and Demi are really close friends, they’ve been seen together out a lot lately. And now Selena’s back from Puerto Rico they have been hanging out as well, so there’s no reason for Miley fans to hate them anymore.

    I think Selena is a great actress and Demi is a great singer but more than that they are a great role model for teenagers.

  2. PaRaMoRe <3 says:

    I don’t hate them; but I think everyone hates them because they are a Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus fan they hate them, because she does.

  3. Mrs Brendon Urie ♥ says:

    I haven’t really noticed. Maybe becase Miley started out like them and almost nobody wants another Miley.

  4. yea i agree with the first person

  5. Christopher says:

    I like selena, not because of her acting or singing just cause i think she’s hot.

  6. Tokio Hotel[★] says:

    They act WAY older than they are and Im sorry they dont have much talent. Im not hating but thats why =]

  7. I hate the fact that they are FAKE. Those two are not sugar and sweet. Demi Lovato is a Wrist Cutter. As Selena Gomez is a Cheap Tart.

  8. Edward Lover says:

    a lot of people liked selena gomez at first but then when demi came out not many people liked the camp rock movie and so they didn`t like demi that much either and so know when they told the secret that they were friends since the age 7 so jknow since there doing that new movie everybody is pissed! I like Selena and Demi but they said that they might start to sing together and i reall ycant see that happening with the two of thm! i love all there songs just not singing together!

    =] you agree with me =]

    i hope i helped alot!

  9. Brittany the Chipette says:

    I don’t like any of the Disney actresses. I think they are all annoying in their own way.

    Demi does have a good voice though. I will agree with that. I don’t think Selena does though. I hate how everyone thinks that just because they are an actress they can sing, and vice versa

  10. i don’t hate them i don’t know y either it’s not them who put up that youtube video it was miley so i dunno?

  11. After seeing Demi Lovato in concert when she opened for the Jonas Brothers I can tell you her talent is nothing to brag about. Granted, I could not sing as well as she does, but she lacks stage presence and has a weak voice for a large audience. She is average and I fail to see how she has landed so many lucrative roles. I like Selena Gomez, but my guess is that many young girls are jealous because she is/was reportedly dating Nick Jonas.

  12. кєηηιι♥'s ηι¢куנαуу says:

    >: | I hope they both die 😀


  13. I don’t. I think they are just jealous. They aren’t whores. They wear purity rings which means they are saving themselves for marriage. Selena’s mom had her at 16 so Selena probably doesn’t want to have that happen to her. I like both of them. I think they are pretty, wholesome, and down to earth. Selena is so sweet and funny. Demi seems so nice and she does have a good voice. I love her character on So Random. Any teenage girl would die to be in their shoes. They are just so jealous.

  14. Young Fame says:

    I love them both, and I defend them from haters in any way possible on Y!A. Most people who hate them are jealous because they are way more beautiful then they are, and they can’t be them.

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