what should i wear to a justin bieber concert?

I am going to a justin bieber concert on july 17th and i dont know what to wear. i LOOOVE boots and i want to wear my fave pair but they have a heel and im not sure if i should wear them or not. I am 5′ 7", i have blue eyes and dark brown hair. What colors should i wear? jeans or a dress? HELP. also, how should i do my hair and makeup? THANK YOUU <333
p.s. the boots are brown
and i AM meeting him btw

: justin bieber concert


  1. If i were u i wouldn’t wear boots because you will be doing alot of jumping around and dancing and standing up. if i were i , i would were shorts with a justin bieber tee shirt ( that you make or buy) or even a nice shirt and like flip flops or gladiators. Btw i went to his concert on june 23, 2010 he was AMAZING<333 and all the girls including me just wore something really simple even the people that met him because1. more comfortable 2. we were jumping up and down alot ! … there was only a few people in boots and dress one including the One Less Lonely Girl . anyways i hope you take my advice and have funn :)

  2. Slayyyy S says:

    If you think you can withstand heels for hours, I say where the darn things! Hahah but if you wanna be comfortable, I’d opt for some gladiator sandals! If I were you I’d wear black as the main color to make your eyes stand out and look even more gorgeous then they already are! I’d wear a black shirt/tank top with black shorts and gladiators; but if you’re gonna wear the boots (what color are they?) I’d wear them with a nice dark dress! good luck!

  3. No boots wear a dress or a jumper and where colors like yellow green or purple find some cute sandales and make sure to get a pedi your hair should be in curls and I don’t wear make up (naturally beautiful) so I can’t help there.Have Fun

  4. crapricot says:

    who goes to justin bieber concerts?

  5. Anthony P says:

    your going to a justin bieber CONCERT, your not going to MEET him. wear watever is comfortable thers gonna a thousand other girls there its not like hes gonna be looking right at you

  6. jeans because youll just look stupid if u wear a dress. and dont wear the boots cuz u might be very uncomfortable. wear cute sandals. makeup should be dark like lots of eyeliner and mascara and thats it. ur hair should be down and curly. i suggest for ur shirt it be the in style kind like wear plaid black and blue ones that are in style with the buttons. dark jeans.

  7. Ashley D says:

    honey he isnt going to see you. there are going to be thousands of other girls with just as little taste in music, and the lights are so bright on stages that he wont be able to see past the first row. wear whatever the fuck you want

  8. i think u should just dress casual,people r gonna b looking at justin not u! just wear a justin bieber t-shirt,a pair of jeans and some flats so u can jum around and dance.you will b so greatful that u did!!!!

  9. Where what ever you think you look hot in!
    Even if your not going to meet him WHO CARES :)
    Dress up and have fun!

  10. Well Im going to one november 11. Idk what I should wear, I m thinking an areopostale shirt, skinny jeans, and some boots. I have dark brown naturally curly hair (even though i straighten it) and brown eyes. someone tell me.

  11. Hi im wearing a casual white long sleeve shirt and a cute scarf with my fringe boots and my hair pin straight. im wearing dark skinny jeans and my makeup dark 😀 do you think thatz the way to go??

  12. i would wear skinny jeans or denim shorts. and if u r a totally justin lover then i would bye or make a t shirt. were sandals or flip flops or just anything that is comfortable because u would be jumping around a lot and dancing. remember dress cute and casual and have an amazing time!! :)

  13. Justine Bieber says:

    if i where you i would wear shorts and a jb shirt whith convers or runners cuz ur gonna be jumping im also going to a concert. wich concert is it?

  14. I’m going to the LA concert and I’m wearing short shorts(white) and a purple tank-top since that is one of his signiture outfits… Have fun!

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