What should I wear to a Jonas Brothers Concert?

I’m going to their concert tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear! Give me ideas please!
Pce. Love. Jonas!

jonas brothers concert


  1. Cassie B says:

    I’m going to their concert tomorrow night aswell!
    I’m so excited. Anyways, back to your question.
    Just wear anything cool.
    I’m wearing these short turquoise plaid shorts (not slut*y ones, btw)
    And a matching turqouise top.
    Probably some flip flops.
    Just go with what you like.
    Go for comfort too. You’ll be standing the whole time.
    Have fun!
    It should be great! I hope so!

  2. Clothes

  3. An eskimo outfit with scuba gear.

    Have fun!!!

  4. iluvtom23 says:

    skinny jeans. glasses! try to look cool.

  5. the disney channel uses the jonas brothers for sex appeal

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