what do I wear to a Jonas Brothers Concert?

okay so I’m going to a Jonas Brothers Concert on Jan. 4th and I don’t know what to wear. do I dress casual in like jeans and i t-shirt or should I dress more dressy than that??

jonas brothers concert


  1. soccergurl19034 says:

    no one is going to be looking at you anyways. they will all be drooling over the jonas brothers. but why would you dress up to a concert? go casual duh, you will be screaming and jumping around the whole night.

  2. carpediem!!! says:

    Wear something casual. Unless you think you will be meeting the Jonas Brothers, in which case opt for leggings. Joe says he fancies them =)
    But don’t wear a t-shirt and sweatpants or something of the sort, you don’t want to look homeless.
    Hope you have fun : )

  3. icharleey says:

    dress hot hun, bright colours for a tee, some vintage jewlery and some ripped pants, and some cute shoes.
    If you want to impress people which their prob gonna be stair at JB? Do a dark smokey eye and rosy cheeks!

  4. Isabel Maselty says:

    omg i hate youu. you get to go to a jonas brother concert!? no fair! luckyyy. and yeah jeans and a teee sound definetly fne.

  5. brittany93 says:

    well i was watching disney channel once, and i heard them say that they like girls that dress up for their concerts. so i would suggest something dressy or nothing to casual
    good luck

  6. Something comfortable, especially with your shoes. I went and I was standing the whole time and jumping around, but at the end of the night my feet were killing me.

  7. Nerd(got suspended) says:

    Just wear a normal t shirt and jeans. Trust me, (I’ve been to concerts) nobody will care what you’re wearing. You will be screaming and jumping the whole time. Have fun!

  8. Just be casual. Wear jeans and a shirt with a logo or something on it.

  9. wear something really cute and hott. when i went there people were wearing tees with a vest over, and skinny jeans. maybe you wanna dress like them and use their kind of style.

  10. Leahisawsm says:

    i just got back from one like not to long ago. like 11/30. i wore skinny jeans and my superman shirt.and vans 😀 haha but yeah.just wear something pretty but comfortable. don’t try to impress them by not wearing short stuff, because nick said
    "Some girls try too hard to get guys’ attentions by not wearing much clothes. When a girl dresses nicely with good taste it says that she has confidence and that she takes pride in her appearance." so yeah. just vans or converse or flats. skinny jeans. (because there awesome) and like a shirt or something.
    have fun! (= best of luck..

    P.S Bring a Poster or something. they said that really gets there attention. :]

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