what should i wear to a justin bieber concert?

i am going to a justin bieber concert on december 19th in tampa FL, and i have no idea what to wear. should i wear shorts or jeans converse or vans long sleeve or short sleeve??? i have no clue what i should wear. any advice/suggestions would help alot! :))

please NOO haters. i don’t care what you think. I REALLY DON’T. :))

justin bieber concert

What to wear to an October Justin Bieber concert?

Yes, a Justin Bieber concert! :) Anyway, since its in October, it might be chilly. I’m sort of weighing my options here. This is what I wanted to wear:
Grey sweatshirt
Jean shorts
Vans or Sandals
Purple SnapBack
Any other ideas? Please answer! :)

justin bieber concert

What should I wear to the Jonas Brothers concert?

I have no idea what to wear! I want to be wearing the same style as the Jonas Brothers and i kinda want to stand out but not really. I have skinny jeans and these really cute polka dot vans so far. i was thinking a little vest with it but i don’t know… I need help!
the concert is inside so it may be hot and it may not be

jonas brothers concert