Does anyone know what happened with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez?

I have heard that Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are not friends anymore because Selena is hanging out more with Taylor Swift and Demi is hanging out more with Miley. I was hoping that you guys could try to say what you know about this situation.
And no, I’m not a stalker!!! So I don’t want any comments about how stupid this question is!

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Does anyone have a picture of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus together?

Does anyone have a picture of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus together?
I need one. I already have one which is all of them in blue dresses. I’ll reward extra for those who give me interesting and new pictures.

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What is a celebrity who's young daughter would like a pop singer like Selena Gomez?

My friend and I are writing a story, where our characters become famous singers with around the same fan base as Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. Is there a celebrity who has a young daughter that might like that kind of music? THANKS 😀

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How to curl hair like Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift?

I have hair a little bit longer than shoulder length. It’s not super thin, but not super thick. I really, really want to be able to curl my hair like selena gomez or taylor swift. How do i curl like theirs? do i need to use a special technique? oh yeah i have 3 curling irons, a thick big one, a normal one, and a really skinny small one. I also have a straightener too.

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what happened to friendship between demi lovato and selena gomez?

i seldomly hear bout them’s like they are not bffs anymore.
now it’s more like taylor swift and selena gomez.
demi lovato and miley cyrus.
it’s a pity ’cause i really admire demi and selena’s friendship before.

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How many people think Taylor Swift is more pretty than Selena gomez?

So who do you think is more pretty? Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift?

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Is this really the best white America can offer?

These teeny bopper "stars" so rampant now like Miley Cyrus singing half naked in a cage at her age! Where are her parents? And Victoria Justice can’t even do justice to the alphabet song! Then you have Justin Bieber who sings like a girl on her cycle but never mind that he’s cute so let’s spend our money on 300 dollar tickets to his talentless concerts….Then you have the boy bands…Big Time Rush, One Direction all getting by on their looks alone because they have very little vocal talent and their lyrics are elementary. (1+1 is 2, baby I want you?) Taylor swift singing about every relationship she’s been in and humiliating her ex lovers…Don’t even get me started on Eminem, that wigga singing about raping his mom and drowning his baby mama. Imagine the guy sang an ENTIRE song about how he would murder his ex wife…complete with sound effects of shoveling dirt and a woman screaming…Where are the Celine Dions, the Johnny Cash(es), the Beatles, the Elton Johns and the Bee Gees of our era? Is Kesha and Rebecca Black the best you can do?
Don’t even get me started on Lady Gaga…..
@Chanelmo lol. if that’s what music’s come to…then I need to spank somebody…’s funny how he does the spanking in time to the music…I’ve played it three times…it is kinda catchy. lol
@Chanelmo…oh dear God, what have you done?! I am sharing this on facebook.

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Who else agrees that this generation is terrible and by far the worst?

Music these days is all about cheesy lame shallow lyrics and stupid music as well computer generated music (Rap) along the terrible pop music these days even Rock sucks these days with in mature music One Direction,Big time Rush,Lil Wayne,Drake,Sleeping with Sirens,Asking Alex whatever,Eminem,Taylor Swift,Justin Bieber etc. Bunch of other gay music these days there is still some good music but really hard to find which shouldn’t be the case you shouldn’t have to dig to find good music even movies are shit these days nothing good to watch in the movies only 1 good movie once in a long while don’t even get me started on TV shows Nick is bullshit along with Disney with this Teen shit and Cartoon Network is suffering terrible style and the way people think is all fucked up along with moral values and people being ignorant I’m sorry but I hate the 2000’s…. more then the 90’s even! (90’s are "ok" I was just joking) and I’m 14 which means I have to put up with this crappy era if only they built the time machine who else agrees this generation is a big pile of crap.

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Taylor Swift Billboard Woman of the Year

taylorswift asked:

Taylor was honored as Woman of the Year at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards!

……….…Taylor swift?

Can i have a list of all the taylor swift songs. I am a huge fan and want to know all the songs

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