Where can I get buy selena Gomez concert t shirt?

I want to buy the "when the sun goes down" Selena Gomez tour t shirt does anyone know where I can get one?

selena gomez

What are the laws against selling t-shirts at concerts?

Here is the situation:

My friends and I had the idea of selling t-shirts in front of the stadium at the upcoming Justin Bieber concert. Now, we know we are not aloud to print the Justin B logo or his image in anyway due to TM violations.

However, we were wondering if we were to print a T-shirt that says I LOVE JB, would that fall under the same laws?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
The show will be in Montreal, Qc.

justin bieber concert

What should I wear to a Justin Bieber concert?

I’m going to Justin Bieber’s Believe concert in November and I’m not sure what to wear. I know most people will just say a Justin Bieber t-shirt, but I dont wanna be that boring. And the concert is at night so it might be a little cold.

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How can i mix match clothes for me to look like Selena Gomez?

I have black, and blue jeans,,
red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and pink T-shirt
black, white, green, blue, and pink dresses,
and blue stocking,, and some accesories
How can I mix and match clothes to look like Selena Gomez?

selena gomez

Do you like Miley Cyrus's new line of clothing? If you do what is your favorite shirt or pants?

I loveeeeeeee Miley Cyrus!!! I got her "Call Me" t-shirt, converse T, the Flag and purple cheetah pants.

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If i buy a tshirt or poster at a Jonas Brothers concert, can i meet the band Honor Society?

i’ve been told that if you go to a jonas concert and buy an honor society t-shirt or poster, you can meet honor society after the jonas brothers concert. is that true?
i’m going to a jonas concert july 26th.
oh and please don’t leave rude and immature comments. i’m going to a jonas brothers concert because i’m a fan of them. big dealll get over it.

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what do I wear to a Jonas Brothers Concert?

okay so I’m going to a Jonas Brothers Concert on Jan. 4th and I don’t know what to wear. do I dress casual in like jeans and i t-shirt or should I dress more dressy than that??

jonas brothers concert

Im going to a Miley Cyrus concert and I need T shirt ideas!!! Please hurry?

Hey me and my cousins r going to a concert and i wanted 2 make my own t shirt but i dont know what to say on them please if your gonna say something mean just leave now

miley cyrus concert

what are the prices for t-shirts and merchandise at the justin bieber uk concert?

Im going to a justin bieber concert next week and need to know how much money to take if i want a t-shirt and stuff :0 please help <3 xx

justin bieber concert

Jonas Brothers concert posters and t-shirt ideas?

I am going to a Jonas Brothers concert and I wanted to make a creative t-shirt and/or poster. Do you have any ideas? Any ideas of what to wear that would be funny?

jonas brothers concert