Selena Gomez Question! :)?

I need pictures that show selena gomez with short hair! Please && Thankyou!

*Lil Miss Sunshine.

selena gomez

haircut? selena gomez?

ok. so im getting my hair cut tomorrow…and i kinda want it like selena gomez has her hair cut. My hair is naturally straight, but can be curled. can someone please send me links of pictures with selena gomez’s hair straight and down?

thank you soooooo so much!

oh thanks Frankie: that reminds me.. i forgot to mention that i have very thick hair already. and thank you so much iCarly 97 (=

selena gomez

Selena Gomez and Justin bieber?

Are Selena Gomez and Justin bieber still together as of today, and why when I researched it miley Cyrus and Justin bieber dating came up

selena gomez

Who do you like more Demmi Lavato or Selena Gomez?

I like Demmi Lavato and my friend likes Selena Gomez. Is it just our taste or what?

selena gomez

Im dressing up like selena gomez for a dance what should i were?

im going to this dance thing at my school and im dressing up as selena gomez,because the theme is movie star. or famous person. so i really need ur opinion on wat to were to look like her!!! thanks

selena gomez

hey guys what do yo think about selena gomez?

okay i am not saying i hate selena , but she is like a freak not like she, is one she acts as if she is Madonna . my younger sis is all over selena . Oh whatever !!! so what do you guys think about selena gomez ?

selena gomez

How to win a dance-a-thon and raise the most money to meet and see Selena Gomez?

I am at my Middle School trying to win tickets and a possible backstage pass to a Selena Gomez concert. I have wanted to see and possibly meet Selena Gomez. If you have tips on how to raise the most money in a 5 hour dance-a-thon. God Bless You!

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How do I make a braid like Selena Gomez's mermaid braid?

I saw the picture of the braid that Selena Gomez wore at the Kids’ Choice Awards 2010, and I thought it looked so cute. I’m dying to find out how to do it!

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Why are people replacing Selena Quintanila to Selena Gomez?

People don’t give a shit about Selena Quintanilla anymore i know she died like 11 years ago but when Selena Gomez came and took over people are liking her more . Selena Gomez has more likes on facebook then Selena Quintanilla so can someone please tell me why are some people doing this replacing her . I think Selena Quintanilla is the true singer here ? How dare all you people out there replace Selena Quintanilla shes the best latina singer

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How to Sing like Selena Gomez?

I think that Selena Gomez’s voice is SO pretty- and I would die to have a voice like hers. Is there anything I could do to make my singing voice sound like her? Anything would help- thanks so much for anyone who helps!

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