Is the upper concourse at the staples center good?

I’m planning on buying tickets to a Justin Bieber concert at the Staples Center. They are Upper concourse 320 row 1. Are those good seats? Will it be worth it? Can you even see him?

**Please no rude comments saying he sucks or something like that. I’m asking your opinion on the seats, not Justin**
They’re actually row 4. The row 1 sold

justin bieber concert

When is Justin Bieber going to start his Believe Tour?

Me and my friend want to go see justin bieber in concert at his Believe tour but we dont know when it will start? ANd will it be in the us? If so, when will tickets be sold? THanks!!

P.S. please no rude comments :) thanks

justin bieber concert

Do you know where Selena Gomez is having a meet and greet during her tour on August 10th 2011?

Me, my friend and my mom are going to see Selena Gomez in concert in August and its my friends first concert… do you guys know if and where she is having a meet and greet? Thanks :)

PS no rude comments please!

selena gomez

when and where will the next justin bieber concert be?

Please no rude comments and if you don’t like Justin Bieber then don’t answer unless you know of course

justin bieber concert

What should i wear to the jonas brothers concert?

me and my bffs are going 2 c jb soon!!! and we dont know wat 2 wear….
and please no rude comments about the jonas brothers

Thanks :)

jonas brothers concert

Should I take my 11 year old little sister to see Demi Lovato with me?

So my little sister wants to go to the Demi Lovato concert with me tomorrow, since shes going to be where we live. Is she too young, or is it fine? Thanks. =)
(Sorry if its in the wrong section! & please no rude comments.)

demi lovato concert

What to wear to a justin bieber concert?

Ok. So im going to a Justin Bieber concert on FRIDAY OF THIS WEEK arthgHAGhr soooooo excited!!! Anyway, im not sure what to wear????!!! I wanna be comfy ( really comfy ) Because trust me, i will be dancing around. But i still wanna look ‘cute’. And please, no rude comments about the boy! Thxx!

justin bieber concert

Meet Demi Lovato at concert?

I am going to a Demi Lovato concert and my friend and I want to meet her but don’t have meet and greet passes. Has anyone ever met a performer before or after a show? How? Please, no rude comments!
Is there any way to see her before she goes on the tour bus?

demi lovato concert

What are some catchy phrases to put on a poster for a Miley Cyrus concert?

Hey everyone ! I’m going to a Miley Cyrus concert tomorrow and I’m making posters, but I don’t have any ideas for catchy phrases to put on them ! I wanted something creative, with like a PUN or something ahaha :) i adore her ! Thank you, creative minds !
don’t offend her, please. keep your rude comments to yourself :) if you don’t like her, don’t comment, simple as that ! but please, do help. thanks !

miley cyrus concert

How can i get backstage passes for the justin bieber concert july 14, 2010 ?

please NO rude comments..i really love Justin Bieber and my dream is to meet him. Do you have any ideas on how i could meet him. Im going to his concert in Portland, Oregon on july 14, 2010. I need your ideas :) thanks!

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