What Should I Wear To A Justin Bieber concert?

Me And My Best Friend Are Going To A Justin Bieber concert Next Saturday And We Still Have NOTHING Planned! We Are In Our Teens And We Want To Look Like ULTRA Bieber Fans! We Already Have Posters Made But We Wanted To Add More Glam! Please Help Us Out! The concert Is REALLY Soon And We Need To Be Ready!

justin bieber concert

actually listen to miley cyrus's voice and lyrics?

I ussed to LOVE her I knew everything about her I had posters of her all over my room I really was her biggest fan (I also met her on several different occasians) but one day my friends sat me down and told me to actually listen dont sing-a- ong dont dance to it just sit there and listen. I did and this is what I found: her lyrics r horrlible her voice has abviously been tweeked by the people in the recording studio. even in the songs where it doesn’t sound like that her range is practicly 1 octive and when she trys to go high it sounds like her voice is cracking! plz do not respond with ANYTHING untill you do this with bigger than us, GNO, nobody’s perfect, make some noise, and good and broken! trust me I will know if u did or not!
I agree paris hilton is absoluly horrible! her voice is basicly just computers but all im saying is that miley isnt as amazing as some people say she is! we all know she woulnd b famous if it wasnt for her dad

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What should I wear to a Jonas Brothers concert? And should I bring posters?

I’m going to a Jonas Brothers concert in August, and I know it’s kind of early for me to ask this, but I just cant decide what to wear lol. Oh, and should I bring posters? Please and thank you (: !

jonas brothers concert

Im going to a jonas brothers concert and well who performs first?

who performs first because we arent sure what time we’ll have and we dont know whos gonna perform first so we were wondering who performs first so we can go at a time before the jonas brothers perform.??
i know it sounds confusing. and what are some ideas for some posters.??

jonas brothers concert

if u went ot o a demi lovato concert, what the stuff u can buy there?

im going…and i wanna know whats there. is the shirts, posters,wrist bands….i wanna know:)

demi lovato concert

How can I rasie money to buy Jonas Brothers stuff at a concert?

I’m going to a Jonas Brothers concert this summer and want to know how to raise money to get CD’s, t-shirts, posters ect. I’m not old enough to get a job so don’t tell me to. NO BASHING! I dod not ask what you think of the Jonas Brothers. NO BASHING!!!

jonas brothers concert

If you've been to the Demi Lovato concert this summer….Please?

And you didn’t have a VIP pass, can you tell me what time you arrived and took your seats and everything. And when the best time is to buy shirts and posters and things like that?
Are they still selling the same stuff after the concert?

demi lovato concert

did demi lovato sign her posters at every concert in the burnin up tour?

i went to the jonas brothers concert in toronto. and demi lovato was like" i signed some of my posters at the merch stand" so i went and got one and i got a signed one. did she do that at EVERY concert???

demi lovato concert

Signs/Posters at Jonas Brothers Concert at Staples Center?

I was just wondering if they’ll allow signs/posters at the Jonas Brothers concert being held at the Staples Center this August?

jonas brothers concert

What should i wear for the Jonas Brothers concert? Should i take posters?

Hey guys! I am so excited because im going to a jonas brothers concert this friday. I dont really care about miley i just want to get nick’s attention, but i dont want to look crazy. Should i buy a tour shirt or should i just wear a cute outfit? & should i take posters? PLEASE HELP ME OUT! THIS IS MY ONE AND ONLY CHANCE TO MEET NICK! thanks =]

jonas brothers concert