Spiritually speaking is there anything in the bible that says its wrong to whoop your kids for misbehaving?

If you’re going to say "misbehaving is subjective" then chances are your kids probably throw tantrums in the grocery store and they probably call you the B word for not taking them to a justin bieber concert.

No Im not a parent but I have my reasons for asking this question nonetheless.
Seriously we wouldn’t need these "troubled child services" if parents would give a proper as whooping when their kids act up.

justin bieber concert

Am i the only one that thinks girls that likes Justin Bieiber should get the crap beat out of them?

I know this may sound a bit to extreme but I am tired of many spoiled girls that parents happily get the Justin Bieber concert to them. I find it disturbing and idiotic. Specially since it tells me that were teaching young girls that its ok to like a guy and go crazy for him just because they think he is so hot and rather not pay attention to his true personality. I am tired of the media and its effects on our children but I am even more sick of the parents that encourage this. If you ask me they should lock em up and beat the crap out of them. To them they may seem like innocent girls. But to me there nothing more than a judgemental young bitches.

I know I posted a question like this earlier and I felt like posting this. I am not encouraging violence but rather discipline what these girls needs.

justin bieber concert

How to get a chaporone for a concert that my parents dont want to go to?

Me and my best friend want to go to the justin bieber concert. but our parents dont really want to just drop us off. Both of our moms dont want to go cause they dont like kid music. I need help. i dont know what to do???

justin bieber concert

My Friend And i Are trying To Earn Money For a Concert in October And We Have No Idea How. Any Ideas?

My Friend and i need Money For a Justin Bieber Concert in October. Andd We Cant Get Much Money Out Of Our Parents. We Need Ways To Earn Money Any Ideas For Two 13 Year Olds ?

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Should we incorporate my parents song in our wedding?

I want my parents first dance (Jennifer Rush- Power of Love) played at our wedding. The lyrics are exactly how I feel about my partner and, to be honest, I was rather gutted when I was listening to it and my Mum just said "that was our first dance". I was happy for them, but I wanted it to be played at our wedding!
Our first dance is Trisha Yearwood- How Do I Live? I don’t think my parents will approve as they are generally unhappy about the relationship. What do I do? Thanks

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What would you call Selena Gomez's hair in this this episode>?

In the episode Wizards vs The Finkles (I think) Where Harper’s parents come to town to bring Harper to Russia ? Anyway , Selena Gomez’s hair in that episode looks really nice , and really appeals to me , but I was wondering what would you call it? As in is it layered? Because My hair is already layered and I need to explain it to my hairdresser to see if she can do it for me , but I can’t only bring in a photo because it would be too hard to do , I will need to expain aswell , please help?

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What's Selena Gomez's contact number for a private concert?

My birthday is on August 19th, & I told my parents that I want Selena Gomez to come to my house to perform a private concert. My parents said maybe if I can find the contact number, that maybe they’ll call. So I want to know, is there a contact number for a private Selena Gomez concert? Please respond ASAP if you know the number. Thank you!

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Why do young white girls attack selena gomez over justin beiber?

I have never seen any other race of girls send death threats over a guy who doesnt know they exist, but white. Why are they sending threats to selena gomez? Why arent their parents controlling them?

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How much is it to get Selena Gomez to sing at my birthday party?

I am wondering for my birthday party to ask my parents to get Selena Gomez to sing at my birthday party!But I don’t know how much is it?!?!Can someone please tell me?
Maybe if it’s under ten thousand we might get it!

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How can I convince my parents to take me to a Justin Bieber concert?

I really, really, REALLY want to! But one problem. My parents don’t like Justin Bieber! What am I going to do! Its my dad that really makes me mad. When I have some Justin Bieber music on he says put that away before I take it away and stuff like that. Then when I stand up for Justin, and bad mouth him, he has no comebacks so he grounds me >.< and I absolutely hate it. Help!

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