Which one will you choose IF…?

Big Time Rush (Nickelodeon) and Jonas (Disney) are on air at the same day and time. Which one will you choose and why.

big time rush lyrics

Do you like the boyband Big Time Rush?

They’re ok, to me. Even if they’re from Nickelodeon, they’re pretty decent.

big time rush lyrics

How come Carly aka Miranda Cosgrove doesn't appear in many icarly clips?

And on Nickelodeon, some commercials such as day of play at washington dc, there was only sam and freddie. No carly? And on this contest you can rock out with sam and freddie. But not carly and on the icarly website the clips have sam and freddie talking to spencer and no carly.
Does she not get along with the cast or something?

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Miranda Cosgrove?

I think she is an amazing actress and really preety do you think she would become the next nickelodeon diva?

miranda cosgrove

do you think that sam from icarly is subliminally a lesbian?

not because of her tomboy-like ways, but something about her says "not straight" i don’t have a problem if she was, i’m not conservative and i think that nickelodeon and disney channel should very the show with some gay characters? do you think this is what schneider meant to do, but keep it under wraps so the conservative people out there don’t have proof?

just wonderin’.

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What were the questions that David Archuleta and Miranda Cosgrove asked eachother on Crush Night? (10pts )?

I was watching Crush Night on Nickelodeon but it was muted and all I saw was someone (David Archuleta or Miranda Cosgrove) ask a question to one of them and then they showed a picture of Ashton Kutcher. Then another question and a picture of Shia Labeouf..

I realllyyyyy want to know what the questions were!! 10pts to best detailed question!!!!!!!!

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Don’t you think Freddie and carly are going to end up kissing or maybe Freddie and Sam, on Icarly?

I think in iCarly in the future Either freddie irs going to kiss either carly and freddie i have a feeling it will be Sam and freddie, nickelodeon series always end up like that the two enemies end up dating-Logan and Quinn(Zoey 101) Josh and Mindy-Drake and Josh

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Why Big Time Rush album has better sales than Miranda Cosgrove and other Nick artist?

We know that iCarly is a top cable rater but when it comes to music it is different. Although BTR has decent TV ratings their album has better sales than any nickelodeon artist including iCarly lead star Miranda Cosgrove.

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R&P: That pop song of the day?

Okay, for todays pop song of the day you will need two things: A sense of humor and an unbiased opinion. I have two versions of a song that I guess you might actually be really familiar with…the first one is a cover with some changed lyrics…and than of course there is the original. Let’s go!

===Big Time Rush===



MQ: Thoughts on songs?
BQ1: Did Big Time Rush kill it? Or was the song never good to begin with iyo?
BQ2: And let’s not forget, whats your pop song of the day?

From one fellow Daniel to another, iyo=in your opinion 😉
Vicky..it probably sounds familiar because Big Time Rush is also a show that runs on Nickelodeon 😛

big time rush lyrics

Where does Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly shop?

I love Miranda Cosgrove’s (from the Nickelodeon show iCarly) fashion. I want to dress like her really badly. Where does she shop? Price ranges are appreciated. Also, if you can send me some pictures of her outfits and where she got it from – thanks!

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