Songify This – Winning – a Song by Charlie Sheen

Help our videos get some love from famous people who don’t understand the internet! Vote for Bed Intruder Song for the 2011 Comedy Awards: TOUR! …we’re going on tour with some of our youtube heroes – (we’re on the tour from April 12-May 1) FOLLOW the Gregory Brothers for more remixes MASTERED by #winning #WINNING backup vox – Catherine Provenzano ORIGINAL interviews ABC NBC: CNN: 2ND CHANNEL SHIRTS Website, with ringtones CHORDS: Em Bm/D Am Em Em Bm/D Am C D Em CG LYRICS: I’m on a drug called Charlie Sheen It’s not available, if you try it once you will die Your face will melt off And your children will weep over your exploded body, over your exploded body You love to party What’s not to love? The run I was on made Jagger and Richards look like Droopy eyed armless children That’s how I party That’s how I party I was bangin 7 gram rocks, that’s how I roll – winning I have one gear: GO – epic winning Are you bipolar? I’m bi-winning Win here, win there, win win everywhere —– inspirational bridge —– I’m a total frickin rock star from mars – winning C’mon bro, I got tiger blood – winning You borrow my brain and you’re like DUDE, can’t handle it Win here, win there, win win everywhere I’ve got a list — help me sort this From the epic win to the desperately