Who sings this song iv been singing?

Here are some. Lyrics :
Ooooh baby it feels like feels like the music sounds better with you baby it feels right it feels right everything better with you
I think a boy band sings it. Please help find it . Thanks :)
Thanks very much. It been killing me trying to find out who sings it thanks again

big time rush lyrics

What criteria is used to to decide if a band fits into a certain category?

What makes emo emo, what makes punk punk, and what the hell makes Dave Matthews Band alternative and not jazz? And for that matter, is Fall Out Boy punk or emo?
[edit] I am not sure why people think I’m "killing music" my asking a question about categorizing. I only inquire so that I understand what other people are talking about when they say "emo" or "pop". Or ska for that matter. Lets not get our panties in a wad over an inquiry, mkday?

big time rush lyrics

Can you name a song with the lyrics "RED" in them(or in the title)?

white lines and red lights- between the trees

"Late night, driving home together
And at red lights we press our lips together
And we’re holding tight now
Slow it down now
Let’s take our time
Let the moment last Until it feels right
Holding back
And not getting to carried away
Let the music fade"

love this video of it (never watched the show but it so goes with it)

big time rush lyrics

What style of music or artist had the biggest impact on you growing up?

We all have lots of favorite bands but there is that one artist/band that seemed to always know what we were going through.
For me, I didn’t grow up on her music but India Arie is so amazing. She speaks to her listeners on so many levels with simplest strum on her guitar. She is beautiful and make you feel the same.

big time rush lyrics

Can anyone suggest some good bands?

I need find more music :) A bit like brand new? Or Bright eyes? Maybe something acoustic with really good lyrics? Basically, does anyone know of any bands that are really really good?

big time rush lyrics

Where can I find the instrumental for Disney's Two Worlds?

I can not find an instrumental or karaoke for that song anywhere, and it’s for a class project so I’m kind of desperate. Just to be clear it’s Two Worlds by Phil Collins and Mark Mancima. Please help?

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Who is that guy with bridgit mendler on disney commercial?

They’re only a part of the commercial, and im not sure if it’s good luck charlie.Well the scene is the guy snapped his fingers and the candle in front of them lit up, and bridgit mendler smiled. But i’m really not sure if she’s bridgit, it’s was only like 2 seconds. He’s hot, but who is he?
The commercial is Double holiday celebration.

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How to write a song?! Please help!!?

Idk how without music since I can’t play ANY instruments. So I thought to write a song w/o music but I can figure out the rythym/music!!! Also is this better..

[Verse 1]
It has some lyrics about me, my feelings, love song lyrics, and other lyrics..
(some rapping)

Lyrics lyrics lyrics…

[Verse 2]
Other lyrics with a cool beat…
(maybe a little rapping)


Okay so for the bridge (which is the last part of the song) Has singing at first then rapping at the end.. :)


Also I want an upbeat song for this soo like when I write a song I have to listen to music or a song by an artist.. What song should I listen to so I can get some inspirations/ideas?
Like a song that is Pop, R&B… Or like these artists..
– Big Time Rush
– Ke$ha
– Owl City
– Katy Perry
– Justin Bieber
– Usher
– Cher Lloyd
… Please help me!! Also is this a great version?? And what pop song should I listen to?! Thanx everyone! :-) ~ Ally E.

big time rush lyrics

How can I convince my parents to take me to a Justin Bieber concert?

I really, really, REALLY want to! But one problem. My parents don’t like Justin Bieber! What am I going to do! Its my dad that really makes me mad. When I have some Justin Bieber music on he says put that away before I take it away and stuff like that. Then when I stand up for Justin, and bad mouth him, he has no comebacks so he grounds me >.< and I absolutely hate it. Help!

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……….‚ĶTaylor swift?

Can i have a list of all the taylor swift songs. I am a huge fan and want to know all the songs

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