How to win a dance-a-thon and raise the most money to meet and see Selena Gomez?

I am at my Middle School trying to win tickets and a possible backstage pass to a Selena Gomez concert. I have wanted to see and possibly meet Selena Gomez. If you have tips on how to raise the most money in a 5 hour dance-a-thon. God Bless You!

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Whats a cheap concert ticket site and a radio station that gives out tickets?

I want to see Justin Bieber in concert so bad:( Im not very rich so we cant afford a 00 meet and greet pass. Im gonna have a lemonade stand to help get money. Me,my mom and my best friend are wanting to go. Its on my birthday. But thats 3 tickets and way to expensive. so what radio station would give out free tickets/VIP? And whats a cheap ticket site? Thanks.

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How Can I Pretend To Be Selena Gomez for One Night?

Ok so I’m having a party that is celebrity themed, and I chose to be Selena Gomez. But I don’t know how I would dress up as her, or act like her. I don’t want to spend any money on my outfit. Any ideas on how to act like her or dress like her?

Thanks in Advance!

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What is the difference in the meet/greet pass and the meet greet in a concert? Please help me.?

I really want to go to the Justin Bieber concerts on Jan. 9, 2013 and there are tickets that say; Section meet/greet. Then under row it says "pass." There are also other tickets that say row: Meet. Then on Section it says greet.? I am so confused and I was wondering if any of you would possibly know the difference. They cost alot of money so i will probably not get to go.. ): but i still want to know the difference. I think any money would be worth seeing JB in person. If you dont like Justin Bieber don’t bother to comment If you do I really dont care what rude thing you probably have to say.
I’ve looked and there are still tickets available.

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What is the parent room at the palace of auburn hills like?

I’m going to the Justin Bieber concert next week and I ‘m trying to convince my mom to stay in the parent room. what is the parent room like? does it cost money to go into the parent room?

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How to make money for concert tickets?

Me and 5 of my friends are planning to go to the Justin Bieber concert in a few months. Our tickets are worth 2 each and we are going to earn the money. We have applied for jobs but have heard nothing yet. I know it sounds cheesy, but should we have a car wash or something to earn money? What are some other ideas along those lines? Any ideas? Thank you so much.
we can drive. we are 17 years old

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How do i convince my parents to give me money for a concert?

K well i want to go to justin biebers concert!really bad but they wont give me money to pay for do i convince to give me money?

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What to bring to my justin bieber concert tomorrow?

so tomorrow im going to a justin bieber concert, & idk what to bring. heres everything i got so far: ipod, binoculars(they allow them), makeup, money, shirt, and ear plugs. is there anything else i should bring? & will they take away my ipod touch? its the newest one, the one with a flash. thanks!

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Going to Justin Bieber concert in a week and 1 day… what should i wear, and how can i earn money b 4?

I am going to a Justin Bieber concert in a week and my Best Friend is coming with me, what should i wear? how should i do my hair an makeup? Ect.!! and also how can i earn money before i go because we might go to MAC while were in the city! (we live 3 hours away from the only MAC in my state) Thanks :)

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Demi Lovato concert– Does everyone in rows 1-7 get M&G/Soundcheck passes?

Okay so I recently saw Demi Lovato on June 25th but I got the tickets on presale so it gave me the option to buy a VIP package. I didn’t have the money at the time, so I couldnt. But in the VIP package, it includes seats in rows 1-7. I bought another set of tickets to see her on another date. I am in row 6, so does that mean I also get meet and greet/soundcheck passes? If so, how? And if I don’t, would I have to get the VIP package seperately? — I don’t think that’s offered on ticketmaster anymore. By the way, I bought the new tickets on Stubhub, these ones were not on the pre-sale because I originally only planned on going to one concert. Thanks guys!

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