Whats a cheap concert ticket site and a radio station that gives out tickets?

I want to see Justin Bieber in concert so bad:( Im not very rich so we cant afford a 00 meet and greet pass. Im gonna have a lemonade stand to help get money. Me,my mom and my best friend are wanting to go. Its on my birthday. But thats 3 tickets and way to expensive. so what radio station would give out free tickets/VIP? And whats a cheap ticket site? Thanks.

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What is the parent room at the palace of auburn hills like?

I’m going to the Justin Bieber concert next week and I ‘m trying to convince my mom to stay in the parent room. what is the parent room like? does it cost money to go into the parent room?

justin bieber concert

How can you get your mom to give you 300 dollars for something REALLY important to me?

I want to go to a Justin Bieber concert with my cousin and her mom is willing to pay for 300 of it. But my mom refuses to pay for the other half! I need advice! She complains that she will also have to pay for a hotel room, food and gas to get across the state! You don’t even know how bad I want to go to this concert! Plus, I would get VIP passes, so I would get to meet Justin Bieber! Ahh! Please give me advice! Thanks! :)

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Am I too old to like One Direction?

I really love the band One Direction, and I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with them! (:
Some of my friends really like them too, so I don’t think it’s weird, really. My mom told me it’s childish to like One Direction, and she thinks I’m too old to like them. I’m fifteen. Is that getting kind of old to like One Direction? I really like them.

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How early should i arrive later to a concert?

I will be going later to a Justin Bieber Concert here in Philippines with my Sister and Mom.My Seat is Gold A. It will start 07:00 pm, But i think it’ll be long.

justin bieber concert

Where can I buy cheap but good tickets online?

My friend and I want to go to the Justin Bieber concert at the Rogers centre on December 1st but we’re having trouble finding cheap tickets. We’ve checked stubhub but since my mom is coming the price would be more for three people instead of two.
Where can I find Floor A or Floor B tickets for cheap besides on kijiji or on stubhub?

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Do you know where Selena Gomez is having a meet and greet during her tour on August 10th 2011?

Me, my friend and my mom are going to see Selena Gomez in concert in August and its my friends first concert… do you guys know if and where she is having a meet and greet? Thanks :)

PS no rude comments please!

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How do I get my mom to take me to a concert?

I want to go to a Justin Bieber concert, but my mom wont let me. She let my sister go to a Ted Nugent concert with my uncle when she was 7. I am almost 13.

justin bieber concert

What age would you be able to go to a Selena Gomez concert alone?

My mom and I were looking for Selena Gomez concert tickets today, and we were wondering what the age to go alone is because they have one ticket available (good seating) for . And I don’t want any mean comments because we were never going to have me go alone. We were just wondering.

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Conflict with Demi Lovato concert!?

Hey, so today Demi Lovato announced 10 new tour dates! I am a HUGE fan of hers, and I would LOVE to go! The problem is that it is on a Friday at 7:30 (the one I would go to). I am in the Nutcracker with my dance school and I have rehersals till 5. It takes about 3 hours to get to the concert, so I would be there at 8ish. (so yeah thats a little late). The thing is that I know it would look REALLY bad for me to leave rehersals early, but if I miss the concert b/c of dance and someone is absent, for example, I will be pissed. Also, I would go to the concert with my mom, but I’m afraid that Demi is going to talk about some of her past issues, which would be awkward for me because my mom very recently suspected the same issues with me, so I’m really afraid that she may say something I don’t want my mom to hear! I had to miss her New York concert and I’m also missing a show of hers in Times Square because of rehersals. So I’m really bummed that I’ve missed her concerts! She is my role model. What do you think I should do?!
P.S. my mom doesn’t know HOW MUCH she has done for me and how much I look up to her. I feel weird telling my mom I want to go. So if I do decide to try to go, how should I ask my mom? I know I shouldn’t feel weird about it, but I do because I havent showed alot of interest of her in front of my mom, so it would be sudden. I haven’t gone to a concert since the Jonas Brothers in like 2009. So this would be the first in a while!

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