What should I wear to a justin bieber concert?!?

I’m going to see a justin bieber concert next week, and Its going to be hot outside what should I wear, how should I do my hair and makeup, etc.
The concert is going to be indoors by the way! 😀

justin bieber concert

What does Selena Gomez look like without makeup?

Everyone knows how celebs have makeup on like everyday and i was wondering what Selena Gomez looks like without all the eyeshadow and blush? (Please give a pic)

selena gomez

What should i wear to a Justin Bieber concert?

I am going to a Justin Bieber concert next summer. I know its a long time away but i wanna start planning :). Im 15 but ill be 16 when i go its my bday present. I have light brown straight hair that goes past my shoulder. And side bangs. I have blue eye and im 5’3. The concert is in Las Vegas so most likely it will be very hot. I was thinking shorts or a cute dress but im not really sure! Oh and how should i do my hair and makeup? Should i go to a salon or spa before the concert? Or just do it myself? Thxs so much to all the helpful answers!

justin bieber concert

What to bring to my justin bieber concert tomorrow?

so tomorrow im going to a justin bieber concert, & idk what to bring. heres everything i got so far: ipod, binoculars(they allow them), makeup, money, shirt, and ear plugs. is there anything else i should bring? & will they take away my ipod touch? its the newest one, the one with a flash. thanks!

justin bieber concert

How do I get a natural makeup look like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

I really like the way Miley Cyrus’s makeup looked in her Hannah Montana Movie! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get a natural look like that or what she used to do it? And if you could tell me how to get Selena Gomez’s look too that would be great!!!

selena gomez

Going to Justin Bieber concert in a week and 1 day… what should i wear, and how can i earn money b 4?

I am going to a Justin Bieber concert in a week and my Best Friend is coming with me, what should i wear? how should i do my hair an makeup? Ect.!! and also how can i earn money before i go because we might go to MAC while were in the city! (we live 3 hours away from the only MAC in my state) Thanks :)

justin bieber concert

How to do my makeup like selena gomez in her music video?

How to do my makeup like selena gomez in her "who says" video. Thanks!

selena gomez


How do i get my hair and makeup like selena’s in this picture?
dont be rude, i know she has professionals… just how can I MYSELF do it?
thanks so much guys =)
~Mandyyyyyyy <3

selena gomez

Is this a cute outfit for the Jonas Brothers concert?

Im wearing a jean skirt or jean shorts with a neon yellow undertop under my bright blue top that is a fanmade shirt and i wrote stuff on it also im probably gonna wear my bright red jonas brothers sunglasses… how should I do my makeup? and what about shoes? just my flipflops? or something cute like flats?
ps, i have great seats so wanna look good !!

jonas brothers concert

What should I wear to a Justin Bieber concert?

I’m going to his concert on December 16th and I have no idea what to wear! Does anyone have any good outfit suggestions? I don’t wanna wear one of his shirts so please don’t suggest that. Anyways, my hair is medium brown, my eyes are brown, im 5’6, thin, and have olive skin. Also…how do you think I should do my hair and makeup? And its in december which means its going to be cold! So please dont suggest shorts or flip-flops…and not uggs either.

justin bieber concert