Any women fans who are over 18 and think Justin Bieber is hot?

Every time I see a video clip of Justin Bieber’s concerts, along with his usal teen girl fans attending, there’s always a large amount of women in the audience screaming their love for the cute boy singer too. Are there any of those famale fans of his who are over 18 here on Yahoo Answers? How old are you?

justin bieber concert

What time should i get to the Nintendo store in nyc september 1st to see justin bieber perform?

Okay so if anyone can give me anymore information on Justin bieber’s concert in nyc 3-5 on september 1st that would be great. I am in love with justin bieber and i neeeeddd to get to see him again!

justin bieber concert

Does anyone know what song this is, I know the words but I can't of what it is called or by who?

♪ I heard love is dangerous but when you fall you never get enough and the thought of you leaving aint so easy for me ♪
I know the words and i know i have heard it before and its annoying the crap out of me!!!! WHAT SONG IS IT?!?!

big time rush lyrics

What is your interpretation of "intermission" by Big Time Rush?

I’ve been trying to understand the song and all i got was that the guy was in love with this girl and she was like we need to take a break. I think there’s more to it so if you can listen to it and help me out I’ll be your best friend. :)

big time rush lyrics

Where could I find the dress similar the one Selena Gomez wore for a cheaper price?

Here is the dress:

She wore it at the Alma awards.
I absolutely in love with the dress! Can anyone find something similar to that for lower price?

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Should we incorporate my parents song in our wedding?

I want my parents first dance (Jennifer Rush- Power of Love) played at our wedding. The lyrics are exactly how I feel about my partner and, to be honest, I was rather gutted when I was listening to it and my Mum just said "that was our first dance". I was happy for them, but I wanted it to be played at our wedding!
Our first dance is Trisha Yearwood- How Do I Live? I don’t think my parents will approve as they are generally unhappy about the relationship. What do I do? Thanks

big time rush lyrics

What are some good songs about being rejected by the girl you love?

OK so im doing a musical/ skit thing in drama for my final. The skit is about a guy who is in love with this girl but is stuck in the friend zone, He ends up singing a song trying to make her like him, but she rejects him in the song. I need a song that two people can sing that goes along the lines of my skit.

big time rush lyrics

in a Justin Bieber concert can you get out of your seat and stand by the stage?

Hi, me and my friend are going to a Justin Bieber concert on Edmonton at rexal place and we have really bad seats and we are both in love with jb <3 so are we aloud to go and stand my the stage?

justin bieber concert

Lyrics? Need help with them please?

I’m writing a song and doing a cover of our song for my boyfriend on Valentine’s. My best friend is helping with vocals and rhythms, and her boyfriend is playing guitar for me. I want to write something like Worldwide by Big Time Rush, or New Classic by Drew Seely. I can only get one line, which is the title of the song: just a little bit in love. It’s bouncy and fun and sweet and sexy, but I need a bit of a jump start. Please don’t tell me to make my own. This is hard and all I need is a little push in the right direction. Thanks!

big time rush lyrics

selena gomez???!!!!…?

razmataz asked:

OMG!!! i love how selena gomez dresses do you know where i can get some clothes like her like exact clothes like here plz post websites and messages

p.s.selena gomez is alex from wizards of waverly place
i already bought converes the shoes that she always weres but im talking the outfits i need links people plz places to buy clothes i know she dosent dress herself but i mean she must buy then somewere plz peeps plz…im desperet