What's a creative thing to write on a poster for a Selena Gomez concert?

I am going to a selena gomez concert friday with special guests allstar weekend and christina grimmie what is a creative thing to write on a poster i am making? I wanna write something on the front about selena and mabye something on the back about her and bieber lol i love jelena or mabye something about cameron quiseng he is in ASW. what do u guys think i wanna be really creative

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Where to get the blue bikini Selena Gomez wore in Monte Carlo?

I’m going to a indoor pool party soon and I really love and want that bikini, lol. Where can I get one like that?
If you don’t know what it looks like just google, Selena Gomez bikini monte carlo. It would be really weird to post pictures of her in it, lol.
Also, where can I get some bikinis that has bikini tops that looks like bras?
Sorry if this was confusing, thank you for answering!

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What songs is Justin Bieber going to sing in his 2010 tour at Providence, Rhode Island?

Im going to a Justin Bieber concert on august 27th in Rhode Island. What are ALL the songs he is going to sing and how long is the concert going to be ? Also is Sean Kingston going to be there ?
My friend just told me i could go with her that’s why i don’t know anything about this ! lol
please answer !

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Is this really the best white America can offer?

These teeny bopper "stars" so rampant now like Miley Cyrus singing half naked in a cage at her age! Where are her parents? And Victoria Justice can’t even do justice to the alphabet song! Then you have Justin Bieber who sings like a girl on her cycle but never mind that he’s cute so let’s spend our money on 300 dollar tickets to his talentless concerts….Then you have the boy bands…Big Time Rush, One Direction all getting by on their looks alone because they have very little vocal talent and their lyrics are elementary. (1+1 is 2, baby I want you?) Taylor swift singing about every relationship she’s been in and humiliating her ex lovers…Don’t even get me started on Eminem, that wigga singing about raping his mom and drowning his baby mama. Imagine the guy sang an ENTIRE song about how he would murder his ex wife…complete with sound effects of shoveling dirt and a woman screaming…Where are the Celine Dions, the Johnny Cash(es), the Beatles, the Elton Johns and the Bee Gees of our era? Is Kesha and Rebecca Black the best you can do?
Don’t even get me started on Lady Gaga…..
@Chanelmo lol. if that’s what music’s come to…then I need to spank somebody…
@Chanelmo..it’s funny how he does the spanking in time to the music…I’ve played it three times…it is kinda catchy. lol
@Chanelmo…oh dear God, what have you done?! I am sharing this on facebook.

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Would you rather to go a Jonas Brothers Concert or Yahoo Shut Down for good =O

Either suffer through a jonas brother concert or have to deal with yahoo being shut down for good

star this if you actually like the jonas brothers. lol

jonas brothers concert

Demi Lovato concerts?

My cousin has been wanting to know if there is a Demi Lovato concert coming to Dallas, Texas in 2010. Are there any? By the way, I hate her lol.

demi lovato concert

who thinks miranda cosgrove is really ugly?

well i don’t like miranda cosgrove because she feels like she’s so pretty but shes not and i hate her shape head its like a freakin cube lol. well what i hate most about her is that she really thinks shes all that pretty lol. a giant cube head lolz!

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miley cyrus 7 things lyrics? do youlike them yes or no?

whats your favorite saying. do you like the song or hate it!

i love the part where she says "nd the seven things i hate themost that you dooo you made me loveyou."

and i love when she says shhaaaaa! lol 😀 im weird*!

miley cyrus lyrics

what is miley cyrus favorite clothing store to shop at?

and what is her favorite color???haha lol

miley cyrus clothing

What miley cyrus/hannah montana song has the lyrics: Smooth talkin…….Everything a girl could want?

im not even sure if these are the lyrics lol but help plz??!!

miley cyrus lyrics