What to bring to my justin bieber concert tomorrow?

so tomorrow im going to a justin bieber concert, & idk what to bring. heres everything i got so far: ipod, binoculars(they allow them), makeup, money, shirt, and ear plugs. is there anything else i should bring? & will they take away my ipod touch? its the newest one, the one with a flash. thanks!

justin bieber concert

Where can i get the outfit from the Naturally music video by Selena Gomez?

In the music video Naturally by Selena Gomez she wears this really cute outfit (the one ith the white shirt) and i want to know a store where i can get it.. thx!!! plz no answers saying idk or look it up. THX!

selena gomez

is sam really gonna get pregnent with freddie's baby on icarly?

okkk so i hard in the knew episode of icarly sam gets pregnent with freddie’s baby on icarly and at the end of the episode she holds a pregnancy test and looks up scareded like. is it true? my friends mom works for icarly and she said it was but she jokes around alot so idk is it?
http://img.youtube.com/vi/v6uZuPhj8Vs/0.jpg (sex scene)
is it trueee?

icarly sam

what should i wear to a jonas brothers concert?

i don’t want to wear a jonas brothers shirt
i was thinking maybe shorts and high socks with converse and idk what shirt?

jonas brothers concert

what should i wear to a justin bieber concert?

ok, im going to his concert tonight at 6pm and its at the rave, im milwaukee wisconsin. ok, idk what to wear, shorts or jeans? i know its going to be hot, but, i have no idea what to wear. all ideas will be greatly appreciated!

justin bieber concert

Want to go to Justin Bieber concert in Pittsburgh but not sure?

Im NOT gay and like Justin Biebers music and I would like to see his concert in Pittsburgh but idk if any 16 year old guys go to it. All my friends say he is just gay and wouldn’t go even if I got tickets idk what to do.

justin bieber concert

What Should I write on my Demi Lovato concert sign?

Well me and my friends are going to a demi lovato concert August 18th.
We’re in row 7 so we’re making a sign.
we already did one of the sides and it’s a bunch of pictures of her and it says "WE LOVE DEMI"
And we need some ideas for the other side,
Does anyone have any ideas?
okay thanks!
our poster looks alot better then it seems,
it has TONS of pictures and the heart is really big and has red jewles. (sorry idk how to spell)
so don’t think our sign sucks lol.
hmm and the read our sign demi is good but, i want something more, and original, well that one was original but i just want something really good.
haha i’m asking alot.
well thanks again.
haha and don’t fall is a good one to lol.

demi lovato concert

Where can I get meet & greet passes to Jonas Brothers concert in chicago?

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly wanna get meet and greet passes to the jonas brothers concert in chicago (july 10,2009)! i tried contests and everything but idk.. idk where i can get them! is it possible to buy them?

jonas brothers concert

What are the lyrics to Count on You (big time rush feat. jordin sparks)?

Ive found youtube videos, but some say to the fall or to the 5, idk!! can someone give me the lyrics? i couldnt find them on any lyrics sites btw… thanks! :)

: big time rush lyrics

How do you get Miley Cyrus concert tickets?

Okay, so Miley Cyrus concert tickets come out and there paperless this time for her 2009 TOUR, is it even possible to get them online or by phonecall? If you call it will of course say it’s busy and online they always say unavailable. What do i do? Miley Ray Cyrus, is one of my loves and all I want for my Birthday is to go to her Concert but idk if i will! WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE HELP!

: miley cyrus concert