what should i wear to a justin bieber concert?

i am going to a justin bieber concert on december 19th in tampa FL, and i have no idea what to wear. should i wear shorts or jeans converse or vans long sleeve or short sleeve??? i have no clue what i should wear. any advice/suggestions would help alot! :))

please NOO haters. i don’t care what you think. I REALLY DON’T. :))

justin bieber concert

How to get picked to be Justin Biebers OLLG?

Ok, First of all, haters..please dont hate.
So Im going to buy tickets to justin biebers concert and their gunna be really good tickets like front row, and i was just wondering how they pick a girl for him to sing to? I want to be that girlll soo bad. please tell me how it happends :)
thank you!

justin bieber concert

How do u stand out at a concert?

I am going to a Justin Bieber concert and I want to stand out so he will notice me. I want ideas like painting your face with justin Bieber. I also want to include kiss fm in my way to stand out.

justin bieber concert

How to make te best out of bad concert seats?

Im going to a Justin Bieber concert (NO HATERS PLEASE) and im almost in the back. Ik i should be happy im going but they’re not te best seats. How can i still enjoy and make the best of it?

justin bieber concert

What do i need 2 do for the Bieber concert?

**Please no haters**I’m goin to a Justin Bieber concert in Memphis!! 😉 and i was wondering will he pick a ”ONE LESS LONELY GIRL" or his ” Baby"?And if so will they go up on stage?And who is mst likely to be picked?

justin bieber concert

What should I wear to the Justin Bieber concert?

I am going to a Justin Bieber concert November 8th and idk what to wear!
Also should i straighten my hair and wear it down?

And to all you jb haters: if you hate jb then why did you even click this question! So stop answering wit stupid stuff bout how much you think he sux or that you hate him! Get a life and get over urselves!!!!!

justin bieber concert

What should I write on my Justin BIEBER concert shirt?

Me and my family are going to the justin bieber believe concert in Edmonton AB , Canada in 12 days thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation i get to meet him and go to his concert. I need some ideas on what to write on MY shirt. Any suggestions .
i was thinking on writing Justin+ Me = One less lonely girl .
Bieber haters…. just don’t even bother. This might mean nothing to you but to me it means the world to me.

justin bieber concert

What album should I buy before seeing Justin Bieber in concert?

I have Justin Bieber tickets to see him in concert on Nov. 9th 2012 and I was wondering what album should I listen to before I go and see him? Like which one of his albums should I listen to that he will be singing at the concert?
Thx! :)
Wow, you haters clearly need to get a life. I have no time for jealous haters.

justin bieber concert

How much would a justin bieber concert ticket cost if u buy it off of the Internet?

I always want to go to a jb concert but my stepmom says they cost like 800$ and I just want to go to one soooo bad and If I knew how much they cost it would be great :):):):) NO JB HATERS

justin bieber concert

How do you get meet and greet tickets for a Jonas Brothers concert?

I have heard the first 400 or 500 people that show up at their concert get meet and greet tickets but is that true? No haters.

jonas brothers concert