Can somebody please show me the parody of Selena Gomez that Miley Cyrus did?

Please?/!!! I wanna see it so bad.
I like Miley Cyrus but I wanna know, was she jealous of Selena Gomez cuz first of all, on Hannah montana mickayla was a bi-otch, and second of all, Nick Jo dumped Miley for Selena, isn’t that stupid?

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What are some songs with the same theme as Selena Gomez's Who Says?

I really like the message this song sends and I am looking for some more like it. I am not looking for more selena gomez songs. And please don’t put down nobody’s perfect by hannah montana.

selena gomez

How do I get a natural makeup look like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

I really like the way Miley Cyrus’s makeup looked in her Hannah Montana Movie! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get a natural look like that or what she used to do it? And if you could tell me how to get Selena Gomez’s look too that would be great!!!

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How to play Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez songs on piano?

I normally play by ear or I look online. Does anyone know how to play these songs?

I’ll Always Remember You – Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
Love That Let’s Go – Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
Who Says – Selena Gomez
Love You Like A Love Song – Selena Gomez


Oh,letter notes only please,I don’t know how to read piano sheet music yet.

Thanks Again!
I have already looked on YouTube and it doesn’t have one of the songs and the other ones don’t say how to play them.

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Recommend me music artists please? (MY recommendations inside)?

My fav music artists are: Disturbed (every song), Kelly Clarkson, Gnarls Barkley, oldschool P!nk, some Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence (both old- AND newschool), a few AC/DC (though I’m tired of that band by now), some My Favorite Martian (YouTuber), Conjure One, Stone Sour, Smash Mouth (every song), most Britney Spears (lately she’s been sucking), A. H. Rahman, Nickelback (yeah, that’s what I said), the .Hack//SIGN soundtrack(piano/violin/techno/J-pop), some A Touch of Class, 3 songs from Steps (a pop sing-dance show thing), some Incubus, Eels, some DJ Encore, ABBA, Ellie Goulding, some The Used, some Hannah Montana/Mylie Cyrus, some Sugarcult, oldschool Linkin Park., t.a.t.u., some scattered techno/electronica tracks, most Zeromancer, some Adele, Three Days Grace, some Simple Plan, I heard one song by My Darkest Days but liked it, I heard one song by Blue Stone and liked it, a few Ladytron, a few Vienna Teng, Electric Six, Scissor Sisters (I like/know 3 of their songs only), Simon Curtis, oldschool Usher/Ludacris/Nelly (a little bit), Hilary Duff (lyrics), Lordi, Imogen Heap, Lady Gaga,
Karsh Kale (an electronic & dance artist that came free with my laptop, I randomly have two songs from this artist in my music player), Delirium, I only like a few System of a Down songs, some No More Kings, Seether, Mudvayne, some Tom Jones, some Beatles, some Rolling Stones, some Kerlie, The Rasmus, Within Temptation, a few Chevelle.
There’s plenty more in my iTunes if I’d bother to go and look. I tend to like one song from an artist, but the artists I listed I pretty much like MOST songs of. I like ALL kinds of music, except the radio crap, and I like SOME J-pop but not very much of it. I’ll take rock/altern/metal if it’s good enough.

I dislike too much repetition. I dislike: A.F.I., Gorillas, My Morning Jacket, Aqualung (repetitive and stale, but could’ve been good), Boys Like Girls, Justin Bieber, AM Sixty, Arcade Fire, Six AM, She & Him, A Fine Frenzy, Angus & Julia Stone (except for one song), newschool Hikaru Utada, newschool Linkin Park, some Beyonce, Sara Bareilles, radio indie music, R&B music, top charts dance/pop music, most dubstep, Apocalyptica, H.I.M., newschool Usher, Jason Derulo, Gackt, newschool Jesse McCartney, Regina Spektor, Bob Dylan, Def Leppard, Scooter, most Basshunter, most Chairlift, most music from musicals (except for Mama Mia & Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera), most Bullet Fot My Valentine, Bootyluv, some Good Charlotte (I like some of his songs a lot actually, one of the first pop albums I owned was his first, but some songs of his are just horrible), Rascal Flatts, Jessie J, Panic! at the Disco, Bon Iver, Smile Empty Soul, Baby Bash and other boring rappers, most Tailor Swift (I LOVE two of her songs, and hate the rest), Nickie Minaj, Jose Gonzalez, most Adam Lambert, most Oasis, most Bjork, Bob Marley, Beck, most 3Oh!3, some Yo La Tango, most Brad Paisley, Alicia Keys, Owl City, Big and Rich, You & Me at Six, Cake, Big Time Rush, old boring crap like Anne Murray, Bruno Mars, bands where they’re pretending to be Country but are really boring pop with cowboy hats and Southern accents, newschool Black Eyed Peas, most Pink Floyd, pop/indie bands where you got one person with an acoustic guitar who thinks he/she is a poet or a romantic when in reality they’re just BORING.

Don’t love nor hate: Hikaru Utada, BoA, Arctic Monkeys, Benny Banassi, Jet, Joy Devision, Beastie Boys, Blood on the Dance Floor, Anya Marina, BrokeNcyde, Cheetah Girls, Cascada, Bitter:Sweet, Faithless, Cat Power, Jojo, Josh Groban, Fall Out Boy, Metallica, Alkoline Trio, Adelitas Way, Aaron Carter, Beat Company, Ashley Tisdale, We The Kings, Ke$ha, Black Sabbath, Gomez, Taio Cruz, Barenaked Ladies (I love 3 of their songs though), Clay Aiken, R.E.M, Baha Men, Lily Allen, Smiths/Morrisey, Sublime, Queen, Miranda Cosgrove, Beirut, The Click Five, and Royksopp are OKAY(I don’t hate nor love them) but I rarely if ever listen none-the-less. I dislike R&B, radio pop, pretty much all kinds of rap, and repetitiveness.

Don’t comment on my taste in music. Just give me as many musical artist recommendations as you can.

I’m 21, female, and like all kinds of music, so long as it’s fast or there’s a lot going on, or at least the lyrics are good. I am picky; usually I’ll only like one song from a band everybody says is a "classic." I like trance, alternative, pop, some metal.

I pretty much dislike all acoustic, mainstream pop, rap. I’ve been stuck with pretty much the same music for five years now. I’ll now and then discover a new artist, only to figure out the last album made was several years ago.

I left out a bunch of artists.

RECOMMEND MUSIC TO ME NOW. I spent hours typing this up, so I’ll be displeased if nobody can recommend me some good stuff. Don’t comment on this post; don’t point out typos or
More music I already know about: Backstreet Boys(like), NSYNC(meh), Justin Timberlake(dislike).

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what if miley cyrus kidnapped you and forced you to wear hannah montana clothing everyday?

and made you watch the hannah montana movie 5,000,654,789 times in a row?

miley cyrus clothing

Miley Cyrus clothes lines raiding wal-marts!?

I absolutely am annoyed by this,

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/everything in between, clotehs lines, jewelry lines, shoe lines, bra and underwear lines, and everything, are completely taking over my local walmart.

Everyone in my town seems annoyed about it, because there use to be a few varieties of clothing brands that were very nice, and they’ve been taken over by Hannah Montana stuff.

:[ Anyone else notice this?

miley cyrus clothing

Is the Miley Cyrus Concert which will be in Theatres on Febuary 1,will it be in theaters at Disney Land, CA?

The Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert featuring the Jonas Brothers will be in theaters in 3D on February 1st through the 7th. Right? So, I was wondering if anyone here knew if it was in going to be in theaters at Disney Land, California. Because on the 5th I am going there. So I pretty much need to know if there is movie theaters in Disney Land. Because I was curious, especially that the fact there is some at "Disney World", FL.

miley cyrus concert

Where can I get clothes like Miley Cyrus'?

I love Miley Cyrus’ clothes on hannah montana, but can never seem to find anything like them. Dot tell me to go to hollister, american eagle, abercrombie or any of those stores, i already shope there.

miley cyrus clothing

Hey everyone i was wondering when Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus will have a concert in sacramento or near it?

Ok so i live in sacramento i would love to know when Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus will have a concert here in sac or near here like Roseville or Folsom or San jose or anthing just please help me answer this question thanks for all ur help!

miley cyrus concert