How to get picked to be Justin Biebers OLLG?

Ok, First of all, haters..please dont hate.
So Im going to buy tickets to justin biebers concert and their gunna be really good tickets like front row, and i was just wondering how they pick a girl for him to sing to? I want to be that girlll soo bad. please tell me how it happends :)
thank you!

justin bieber concert

how to make your way to the front row at a concert?

i’m going to a justin bieber concert in june (i don’t care if you don’t like him, just answer the question) and i did get really good seats, they’re floor seats in section 1 of the us bank arena. but they’re not front row. i LOVE justin bieber, and i’d be the happiest person on earth if i could get to the front row somehow. how do i push myself through the crowd to the front row? i’m pretty tiny, so it might be a little hard. thank you!

justin bieber concert

How much do justin bieber tickets cost?

How much does it cost to go to a justin bieber concert front row and how much does it cost to go back stage

justin bieber concert

How early should I get to Justin Biebers concert?

I’m going to a Justin Bieber concert on September 5th at the Maryland state fair. The seats are genearl admmision. The gates open at 5:30 but the show dosent start until 7:00. What time do you think I should get there for a front row?

justin bieber concert

How early should I get to a General admission Selena Gomez concert?

Okay so a friend and me have general admission Selena Gomez tickets for Springfield this Saturday. The concert starts at 7 and we need to know what time we should start lining up to get front row! Thanks:)

selena gomez

How much are Justin Bieber concert tickets in Ontario?

I was just wondering how much Justin’s concert tickets cost in Ontario, when you want a seat on the floor? If you can, can you give me the price from the front row, all the way to the back, please!? :) Thanks!

justin bieber concert

how much are justin bieber's Concert tickets?

Hey there Im trying to find out the prices For all Justin Bieber Concert tickets i know it depends on where you sit But Does anyone know like how much it is For VIp, Front row, all the way at the top, and all of those…. Pleasee! i need to know!

justin bieber concert

If it says the tickets are vip to a justin bieber concert, does it mean we get to meet him?

So me and my friend are raising all the money to get front row VIP tickets to one of justins concerts when he come back to california, if it say VIP does it mean we get to meet him or do we just have really good seats? sorry kinda long explanation but we need to save accordingly…& please no haters…its useless ;D

justin bieber concert

How much is a Jonas Brothers concert cost?

I need to know how much money there concert will cost and if I get front row how much do you think that will be?

jonas brothers concert

Where can i find good cheap seats for a jonas brothers concert?

my limit is 0 for 2 people i only need 2 tickets. oh, and i need them near Maryland in like Washington DC or Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania. i want good seats like not exactly front row but mabye in like section one hundred something. if you’re gonna reply saying how much the jonas brothers "suck" don’t even comment.

jonas brothers concert