how can i be sure to be one less lonely girl at a justin bieber concert?

I have general admission pit tickets to a J B concert. I am going to arrive really early so I can have a guaranteed spot. I really want to be pulled up on stage and given flowers and sung to. Help me please!!

justin bieber concert

what dress is miranda cosgrove wearing in a nickelodeon commericial?

it looks as though it is a cream colored lace dress (possibly with flowers). it has a higher neckline.
anybody know?
it’s a fairly new commercial.
i dont know what it premiered with– it was just playing during a rerun

miranda cosgrove

How do they pick which girl gets to be sung to at a Justin Bieber concert?

I went to a Jbiebz concert last night.. AND IT WAS AMAZING<3 Anyways, at every concert one lucky girl gets picked, and she gets to go on stage with him, and he sings to her, and gives her flowers. How do they pick who gets that?

justin bieber concert