Can anyone give the lyrics of a song which is parallel to that of David Archuleta's "Crush?

I heard a song in the car which had a female vocal, which had lyrics very similar to that of David Archuleta’s "Crush". It also dealt with themes such as "being more than friends" and the like. I was only able to grasp the "more than friends" part, and I really want to get this song.

It’s not More Than Friends by Estelle, or Just Friends by the Jonas Brothers.

Hope you can help me. 😀

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Which concert? Demi Lovato & David Archuleta or Jonas Brothers?

It’s a hard decision so I need your help! Don’t leave an answer like it’s your decision because I know it is and all I want is your opinion :)
Thanks in advance!
For those that didn’t read this right, its Demi Lovato AND David Archuleta. Thanks. :)

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Will David Archuleta sing at Demi Lovato's concert?

I know that he’s a special guest for her concert but will he sing?? I don’t get it win they say Demi Lovato with special guest David Archuleta! Please EXPLAIN!


demi lovato concert

People who went to the Demi Lovato concert in Conetticut?

What songs did Demi sing?
What songs did David Archuleta sing?
How was it?
People you’re not answering my question, I asked "What songs did Demi and David sing?"

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David Archuleta and Demi Lovato concert?

I’m 12 years old and I am the biggest demi lovato and david archuleta fan there is in the whole world! I got my mom to cancel her doctor’s appointment to get presale tickets to Demi’s summer tour with David as a special guest. We got center floor row 15. But there is this VIP package that seems amazing with meet and greets, seats in rows 8-10, pre-show parties, and a lot of other cool stuff. But it is 5 dollars per package! Is it worth it? Should I give up row 15 to get the VIP package?

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is David Archuleta going to be at the Indiana state fair with Demi Lovato?

I am going to the Demi Lovato concert This year at the Indiana State Fair.
And i heard that David Archuleta was touring with her…
Is he going to be with her at the concert at the Indiana State Fair?

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What were the questions that David Archuleta and Miranda Cosgrove asked eachother on Crush Night? (10pts )?

I was watching Crush Night on Nickelodeon but it was muted and all I saw was someone (David Archuleta or Miranda Cosgrove) ask a question to one of them and then they showed a picture of Ashton Kutcher. Then another question and a picture of Shia Labeouf..

I realllyyyyy want to know what the questions were!! 10pts to best detailed question!!!!!!!!

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Demi Lovato Concert 09' Tour?

Okay…me and my sisters are going to a demi lovato/david archuleta concert THIS Tuesday. And we were wondering how much the merchandise cost at the concert. So we can earn enough money to buy what we want. It would be great if the people who answer either a) DONT SAY that they suck and b) have been and can tell how much the stuff is THANKS (:
my sisters and i would love to know if we have to have the meet and greet passes to get her autograph or does she have an autograph thing she does at the end of the show? thanks bunches-baker girls (:

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What to wear to a Demi Lovato and David Archuleta concert?

My dad is taking me to a Demi Lovato and David Archuleta concert in Denver on July, 20th. We’re doing a meet and greet with Demi also. I’m so excited. i need some ideas for what to wear. If you have some ideas off of some webstores, also send the URL. Please help me. =)

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Are these good seats at the Demi Lovato Concert?

I am going to the david archuleta and demi lovato concert at the star pavilion at Hershey park. It’s the second show I’m going to of their concert, I can’t wait! My seats are in section C, row 16. Are those good seats? Thanks : )

here is the link to the seating chart.

demi lovato concert