How can you get your mom to give you 300 dollars for something REALLY important to me?

I want to go to a Justin Bieber concert with my cousin and her mom is willing to pay for 300 of it. But my mom refuses to pay for the other half! I need advice! She complains that she will also have to pay for a hotel room, food and gas to get across the state! You don’t even know how bad I want to go to this concert! Plus, I would get VIP passes, so I would get to meet Justin Bieber! Ahh! Please give me advice! Thanks! :)

justin bieber concert

How to Get Justin Bieber Concert Tickets Online?

Hi, My cousin is big fan of Justin Bieber. Justin bieber and Carly Rae performing live in Ottawa on 23 Nov. 2012. She doesn’t want to miss this live performance. I want to buy Justin Bieber Concert tickets online for her. Please guys help me!!!

justin bieber concert

Why does Miranda cosgrove look so uncomfortable?

I watched the show icarly with my cousin and Carly (Miranda cosgrove) looks so akward on the show almost as if she is uncomfortable being on stage. So who thought shed make a good actress? Shes not all that pretty and can’t act why is she there?

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Demi Lovato concerts?

My cousin has been wanting to know if there is a Demi Lovato concert coming to Dallas, Texas in 2010. Are there any? By the way, I hate her lol.

demi lovato concert

How much does justin bieber backstage concert tickets coast?

me and my cousin really want to go to a justin bieber concert and we dont know how much it wil coast for 3ppl to get into his next cioncert in st.louis!

justin bieber concert

When is the next Justin Bieber concert in Texas?

My cousin said there was a Justin Bieber concert coming up… Well yeah i tried looking for like a ticket but i didn’t find any. Then she tells me her friend had invited her and she is only like 11 or 12 so yeah. I thnk her friend is just making it up but I have no idea. I would like if you gave me a site but if you can’t that’s fine also. I was told it was on July 4, 2011. Help Please….
No I am not going I was just wondering

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Should I go to a Miley Cyrus concert?

Heyyy my account got deleted today so I’m using my cousin’s…anyways…I’m 12 and…my Mom wants to take me to a Miley concert since I have been begging her to take me to a Demi concert but uh..she wants to go with me…that’s the bad part…I can’t act wild AND crazy with her…I mean I can act wild and crazy she doesn’t care…but it’s just weird with your Mom around you know? So…should I go?

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Boy going to Demi Lovato Concert?!?

I have a cousin thats a boy and her wants to go to a Demi Lovato concert. He has a big crush on her. And he wants to meet her.

But isn’t it wierd that he probably be the ONLY boy @ the concert?!

demi lovato concert

what article of clothing did miley cyrus get from limited too in the halloween party?

the halloween party where everyone dressed up like Hannah Montana that Tracy threw for her.

Did she get the piece of clothing from limited too:

Did she get the skirt from limited too?

Did she get the shirt from limited too?

Did she get the jacket from limited too?


Was it the episode that Miley’s cousin Luann was in?

miley cyrus clothing

i look a lot like miranda cosgrove and i really want to be on icarly what should i do?

I look a lot like Miranda Cosgrove and i really want to be on ICarly, but I don’t know how. I could be her cousin or sister but I don’t know how to get an agent or talk to Miranda Cosgrove.

miranda cosgrove