Why do you females go so crazy over male celebrities when us guys do not?

I see females crying, going crazy, and their legs trembling during Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber concerts.

Me, i would love to make out with Beyoce or let Lady Gaga ride my disco stick, but us guys know that in reality that will probably never happen.

So why do you females feel that you all will ever have a shot at Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber?

Do you all prefer to live in a fantasy world?

justin bieber concert

When else can I wear a concert shirt?

Hey! I recently went to a Justin Bieber concert. Don’t ask me why and don’t use this as an opportunity to criticize him. When I got there I bought one of the shirts from the merchandise stall. Now that the concerts over I don’t know when else I can wear it. Any ideas?

justin bieber concert

Any women fans who are over 18 and think Justin Bieber is hot?

Every time I see a video clip of Justin Bieber’s concerts, along with his usal teen girl fans attending, there’s always a large amount of women in the audience screaming their love for the cute boy singer too. Are there any of those famale fans of his who are over 18 here on Yahoo Answers? How old are you?

justin bieber concert

When you buy floor tickets at a concert what does that mean?

Okay, so I wanna go to a Justin Bieber concert in Everett, Washington and it says floor seats are 51 dollars, what are floor seats? I mean am I gonna be sitting on the floor? Or am I going to be close enough to touch Justin Bieber’s hand or what? I have been to many concerts but never sat on the floor section lol

justin bieber concert

What is the difference in the meet/greet pass and the meet greet in a concert? Please help me.?

I really want to go to the Justin Bieber concerts on Jan. 9, 2013 and there are tickets that say; Section meet/greet. Then under row it says "pass." There are also other tickets that say row: Meet. Then on Section it says greet.? I am so confused and I was wondering if any of you would possibly know the difference. They cost alot of money so i will probably not get to go.. ): but i still want to know the difference. I think any money would be worth seeing JB in person. If you dont like Justin Bieber don’t bother to comment If you do I really dont care what rude thing you probably have to say.
I’ve looked and there are still tickets available.

justin bieber concert

Girls: Would you date a guy who was completely straight and liked justin bieber, and glee?

And he’s into manly things like sports and fighting. But wants to go to justin bieber concerts with you.

justin bieber concert

Are there any Justin Bieber concerts in Colorado?

Are there any Justin Bieber concerts in Colorado for 2011?
Oh and can you give me a list of ALL his songs?

justin bieber concert

What do shirts cost at the Bieber concert?

My sister and I are going to the Justin Bieber Concert at the Sprint Center in KC. What have his T-Shirts been selling for at the concerts?

justin bieber concert

Are cameras allowed to a Justin Bieber concert?

There has been some confusion with whether or not I would be allowed to bring my DSLR Nikon camera to the Justin Bieber concert on November 5th. I was just wondering if I could or if they do not allow those kinds of cameras at his concerts.

justin bieber concert

How early does Justin Bieber arrive to his concert?

I am going to Justin Biebers concert on August 14,2010 at the shottenstiem, in Columbus Ohio. I was wondering how early he arrives to his own concerts, and if I waited there long enough would I see him walk in? Also, does he have any type of meet and greet?

justin bieber concert