Can you go to a concert by yourself if you are a minor?

i am going to a justin bieber concert tomorrow with my bffl but we are only 14. The venue doesn’t indicate that you have to have a parent there. So will we not be able to have access in?

justin bieber concert

How much money should I bring to the Justin Bieber believe tour?!?

HII! I’m going to a Justin Bieber concert tomorrow and I want to buy the believe hat and shirt how much money should I bring?!? PLEASE HELP ME IM RUNNING OUT OF TIME

justin bieber concert

Is Justin Bieber coming to New York tomorrow?

Someone wrote on their facebook "anyone got a ride to the Justin Bieber concert tomorrow?"

Is he coming?
I googled it and nothing came up.

justin bieber concert

What should I wear to a Jonas Brothers Concert?

I’m going to their concert tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear! Give me ideas please!
Pce. Love. Jonas!

jonas brothers concert

Is there a limit on how many autographs to ask for at a jonas brothers concert?

i am going to a jonas brothers concert tomorrow and i need to know because two of my friends asked for me to get autographs for them.

jonas brothers concert

What are the JoBro's and Demi Lovato like in concert?

I’m going to my first ever concert tomorrow.It’s the JoBro’s and Demi is going to be singing as well.I want to know what she and the Jonas Brothers are like.

demi lovato concert

demi lovato concert last minute tickets?

does anyone know where i can get last minute tickets for the Demi Lovato concert tomorrow??

demi lovato concert

how can i meet justin bieber the day of his concert?

im going to the justin bieber concert tomorrow. its too late to buy backstage passes and stuff so how else can i meet him?

justin bieber concert

What should I wear to a JUstin Bieber concert?

Im going to a Justin Bieber concert tomorrow and I have no clue what to wear. Please help!!!! I wanna look cute and I want something fun and loud and bright. I want to get his attention.
So let me no what u think.

justin bieber concert

What are some catchy phrases to put on a poster for a Miley Cyrus concert?

Hey everyone ! I’m going to a Miley Cyrus concert tomorrow and I’m making posters, but I don’t have any ideas for catchy phrases to put on them ! I wanted something creative, with like a PUN or something ahaha :) i adore her ! Thank you, creative minds !
don’t offend her, please. keep your rude comments to yourself :) if you don’t like her, don’t comment, simple as that ! but please, do help. thanks !

miley cyrus concert