How do I get hard Ticketmaster Tickets?

I am selling 3 Justin Bieber concert tickets (floor seats, section 6, row J) for Atlanta 12/23/10. I only have e-tickets which means if I sell them on e-bay I will have to meet the buyer at the concert to hand them the tickets. Everyone else is selling hard tickets and shipping them too! Any idea how or if I can do that??

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How to Get Justin Bieber Concert Tickets Online?

Hi, My cousin is big fan of Justin Bieber. Justin bieber and Carly Rae performing live in Ottawa on 23 Nov. 2012. She doesn’t want to miss this live performance. I want to buy Justin Bieber Concert tickets online for her. Please guys help me!!!

justin bieber concert

What age would you be able to go to a Selena Gomez concert alone?

My mom and I were looking for Selena Gomez concert tickets today, and we were wondering what the age to go alone is because they have one ticket available (good seating) for . And I don’t want any mean comments because we were never going to have me go alone. We were just wondering.

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where are people who won justin bieber concert tickets at the ellen show sitting at the staple center?

I won concert tickets for the Justin BIEBER concert when I went to the Ellen show and I’m so curious of where I might be sitting!!! Does anyone have an idea??? IM SO EXCITED

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Is row 36 on the floor for a Justin Bieber concert too far back?

I bought Justin Bieber concert tickets as soon as they came out. this was the best the website gave me. I decided to buy it ( I thought I wouldn’t get anything better). Can I see the stage? I checked back an hour later, and all the floor tickets were gone. So…
seriously i need real answers, not crap about jb.

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miley cyrus concert help?

i just purchased miley cyrus concert tickets. some people say her concert songs are going to be from the movie, others say cd. which one ? and what is the concert called?

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My parents told me i can chose between going to a miley cyrus concert o an iphone and a trip to sixflags!?

The concert tickets to Miley includes VIP seats and backstage passes were i might meet the Jonas Brothers! and the Iphone includes an Itunes acount whit Internet, unlimited texting and 900 minutes!?! the iphone is 16g black! please people help me i don’t know what to do! please i have till tomorrow

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How much are Justin Bieber concert tickets in Ontario?

I was just wondering how much Justin’s concert tickets cost in Ontario, when you want a seat on the floor? If you can, can you give me the price from the front row, all the way to the back, please!? :) Thanks!

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how much are justin bieber's Concert tickets?

Hey there Im trying to find out the prices For all Justin Bieber Concert tickets i know it depends on where you sit But Does anyone know like how much it is For VIp, Front row, all the way at the top, and all of those…. Pleasee! i need to know!

justin bieber concert

how much are justin bieber concert tickets?

how much are justin bieber concert tickets? i’d appriceate it if i could know thanx ! :)

justin bieber concert