What clothes are part of the Selena Gomez clothing line?

Does anyone know where I can see some pictures of what is going to sold at kmart from selena gomez’s clothing line coming out july 15th?

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Does Miley cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens have a clothing line?

And have you heard of Demi lovato coming out with a clothing line?

miley cyrus clothing

whens miley cyrus and max second part of there clothing line coming out?

because I saw on miley twitter this http://twitpic.com/fsk51 and this http://twitpic.com/fvojs are the second line part of her clothing line. So i was just wondering if anyone knew when it came out because last time I went the day after and everything was almost gone so i kindof wanted to go the day it went into stores.

miley cyrus clothing

Is anyone else surprised by Miley Cyrus's new line of clothing?

Although I think she’s trying to be too "grown-up" and she’s kind of naive, her clothing line at Walmart is surprisingly really nice. They aren’t like most clothing lines by celebrities where the line is just really cheap and crappy versions of the celebrities clothes. Her clothes are pretty original, and inexpensive. Not to mention extremely cute. I’m pretty sure Max Azria had A LOT to do with it, but I’m still quite happy with it.

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What do you guys think about they new clothing line Miley Cyrus Max Azria?

I saw the chamercial a couple weeks ago and just thought ok Miley Cyrus is doing a clothing line with some fancy designer then selling it at Walmart? That must be pretty stupid.But today I went to Walmart and decided to check it out and see and they had some really cute stuff for really good prices! I’m one of thoose people who only buy shirts ussually not less than .. But This stuff was so cute! I thought it would be for little 12 year olds but it was perfect for people my age! I ended up getting like 3 cute shirts for about ! And you can’t even tell I bought them at walmart for only . What do you think?
Ummm I’m not trying to sell it.. I’m seeing if anyone else likes it.

miley cyrus clothing

when does miley cyrus's clothing line come out?

her clothing line collaboration with max azria for wal-mart or something.

and is it any good?

miley cyrus clothing

Miley Cyrus new clothing line?

In her new clothing line do the shoes come in size 9?

miley cyrus clothing

where can i find clothes that miley cyrus has?

where can i find clothes like the ones that miley cyrus has.

miley cyrus clothing

Does anyone know when Miley Cyrus/Max Azria clothing line is coming out?

I looked on the Walmart website, but the shirts I wanted weren’t available online. Is the clothing line in Walmart stores yet? Thanks!
Thanks guys… I really wanted the Buffalo Plaid Tunic, Red Skinny Jeans, and two graphic tees. (:

miley cyrus clothing

i went to walmart for miley cyrus clothes and the boots she has on they dont sell where can i buy them?


these r the links for the 2 boots i want .. please help !

miley cyrus clothing