What product/products do Selena Gomez use to keep her face so clean?

Selena Gomez has such clean and clear skin! I would love to know how she keeps it so clear and fresh looking. Thanks bunches! :)

selena gomez

At a Justin Bieber concert can you get his autograph?

Me and a friend are going to his concert and were wondering if we could get his autograph, thanks a bunches

P.S: Please no haters

justin bieber concert

Demi Lovato Concert 09' Tour?

Okay…me and my sisters are going to a demi lovato/david archuleta concert THIS Tuesday. And we were wondering how much the merchandise cost at the concert. So we can earn enough money to buy what we want. It would be great if the people who answer either a) DONT SAY that they suck and b) have been and can tell how much the stuff is THANKS (:
my sisters and i would love to know if we have to have the meet and greet passes to get her autograph or does she have an autograph thing she does at the end of the show? thanks bunches-baker girls (:

demi lovato concert