Whats a cheap concert ticket site and a radio station that gives out tickets?

I want to see Justin Bieber in concert so bad:( Im not very rich so we cant afford a 00 meet and greet pass. Im gonna have a lemonade stand to help get money. Me,my mom and my best friend are wanting to go. Its on my birthday. But thats 3 tickets and way to expensive. so what radio station would give out free tickets/VIP? And whats a cheap ticket site? Thanks.

justin bieber concert

some song lyrics or quotes about loving or liking someone and they don't know?

I like my best friend, we hook up sometimes, but I cannot tell her for the simple fact that i fear it’ll ruin the friendship and i don’t want to take that chance

big time rush lyrics

How to get a chaporone for a concert that my parents dont want to go to?

Me and my best friend want to go to the justin bieber concert. but our parents dont really want to just drop us off. Both of our moms dont want to go cause they dont like kid music. I need help. i dont know what to do???

justin bieber concert

What Should I Wear To A Justin Bieber concert?

Me And My Best Friend Are Going To A Justin Bieber concert Next Saturday And We Still Have NOTHING Planned! We Are In Our Teens And We Want To Look Like ULTRA Bieber Fans! We Already Have Posters Made But We Wanted To Add More Glam! Please Help Us Out! The concert Is REALLY Soon And We Need To Be Ready!

justin bieber concert

How can i tell my bff happy birthday w/out saying it.?

its my friends b-day tomorrow and i got her a present only its coming next week. (i got her a Rush shirt cause thats our favorite 70’s band)
i was thinking of using Queen’s song "My Best Friend", just for like a little note, only how could i use that song?
should i just like write the lyrics down or print them or like what could i do?

btw, we’re big Queen fans too.

thanks! :)

big time rush lyrics

What is your interpretation of "intermission" by Big Time Rush?

I’ve been trying to understand the song and all i got was that the guy was in love with this girl and she was like we need to take a break. I think there’s more to it so if you can listen to it and help me out I’ll be your best friend. :)

big time rush lyrics

Going to Justin Bieber concert in a week and 1 day… what should i wear, and how can i earn money b 4?

I am going to a Justin Bieber concert in a week and my Best Friend is coming with me, what should i wear? how should i do my hair an makeup? Ect.!! and also how can i earn money before i go because we might go to MAC while were in the city! (we live 3 hours away from the only MAC in my state) Thanks :)

justin bieber concert

Lyrics? Need help with them please?

I’m writing a song and doing a cover of our song for my boyfriend on Valentine’s. My best friend is helping with vocals and rhythms, and her boyfriend is playing guitar for me. I want to write something like Worldwide by Big Time Rush, or New Classic by Drew Seely. I can only get one line, which is the title of the song: just a little bit in love. It’s bouncy and fun and sweet and sexy, but I need a bit of a jump start. Please don’t tell me to make my own. This is hard and all I need is a little push in the right direction. Thanks!

big time rush lyrics

Cute Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez lyrics/quotes?

I’m making a scrapbook for my best friend’s 18th birthday and I’m including a page with cute lyrics on, she is a big fan of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez so if anyne knows of any lyrics that would be appropricate please let me know :) Thanks xxx

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How can i meet Justin Bieber at his concert?

Okay so me and my best friend are going to a bieber concert next year in the UK and we’re really really big fans. We dont have meet & greet or VIP tickets so how can we meet him?
Could you turn up at the arena hours before or something?
please help
PS- Haters- dont waste your time writing hate comment about him, your pathetic.

justin bieber concert