what should i put in with my letter to selena gomez?

im writing a letter to selena gomez for her autograph. i have a picture for her to sign, and i want something else to put in it. something that will make her remember my letter by. what should i put in with my letter? i want to make it and it should be really easy and fast to make. any ideas? thanks.

selena gomez

What is the address to send Selena Gomez a fan letter?

I am a big selena gomez fan and so is my brother. My brother has a crush on her lol 😛
And I was wondering what the right address is to send her a fan letter
And also, do you think she will send something back? Like an autograph?
Me and my little brother would love that! 😀

selena gomez

How can you get an actual autograph picture from Selena Gomez besides going to a concert ?

I’m a HUGE fan of Selena Gomez and I haven’t been able to afford one of her concerts for my daughter so I was hoping there was a way to get an actual Selena Gomez autograph for her. All of the other ones are fakes and cost up to 300.00

selena gomez

who has been backstage at a justin bieber concert?

my friend might be able to get me backstage passes to a Justin bieber concert. I asked if he would be available to sign autographs and take pictures. some people said yes and some people say no. I want an answer from someone who was there. will I be able tomeet him backstage? like get an autograph or picture?

justin bieber concert

At a Justin Bieber concert can you get his autograph?

Me and a friend are going to his concert and were wondering if we could get his autograph, thanks a bunches

P.S: Please no haters

justin bieber concert

Im Going To The Demi Lovato Concert With My Daughter Don't Know What To Bring?

Well We Are Going I Have No Idea What To Bring Can U Give Me Ideas????
Yeah Its Outdoors!!! I Would Bring A Tent,Flashlight,Pillows,Blanket,Lawnchair! is that a good idea becuase they are doing autograph signing they are selling backstage passes for 0 Dollars I Bought Two Backstage Passes! They Are Suppose To Have A Waterpark near by! And They Have A Big Pool There At The Concert! So Ill Bring My Threee Bikkinis And A Coverup! ill Bring My Daugters Also!
You Guys Just Found Out My Daughters Friend Is Coming Her Mom Is My BFF We Have Bin Best Friends Kristina My Daughters BFF Is Desa She Is my Daughter Brookes BFF!!!
I Have To Buy Two More Backstage Passes!!! I Will Bring My Phone I Have The Iphone 3G S!! My Daughter Will Bring Her Iphone 8GB And Her Old Phone LG Neon!!! I Will Bring Like 3 Backpacks!!! Ill Bring Two Cameras!!!! Ill Bring my Video Camera!!! My Two Purses!!! A Bag For My Daughter!!! Im Riding In My Big Van With My daughters FRiend And My Friend!!! Im Gonna Bring My Daughters MP3 Player!!! And A Ipod!! They Let Us Bring Waters,Drinks,ACooler,Food,etc. Ill Bring My Big Cooler And My Daughters Small Cooler From Justice!!! We Are Staying At A Hotel With The Waterpark So Ill Bring Three Bikkinis Of Mine My Daughters 3 Takinis!!! Another Cooler Of Beer! Cigars!! Wine!! Cups!!! Chips!!! A Tent Becuase They are Suppose To Have A Camp Out After The Concert Its A Six Room Tent!! I Will Bring Wipes!!! Flashlight!! PJS! Extra Clothes!!! My Other Friend And Her Friend are Coming Also So Ill Probabally Be Bringing My Big Car With Lots Of Seats Her Daughter Coming Also!!!!
My Teen Is Coming So Is My Friends Teens!!! Im Gonna Bring More Stuff!! Any Ideas What Else To Bring Guys???
I Am So Bringing My Big Car

demi lovato concert

another Demi Lovato COncert 09' Tour?

i have been reading answers on yahoo here and people are saying she signs autographs before and some say she signs after. me and my sisters really want her autograph so is it before or after?

demi lovato concert

What are the things to keep in mind when attending a Justin Bieber concert?

This is my 1st time actually to be attending his concert and I’m quite worried that the other fans might go wild and crazy. How can I avoid having my bones crushed/or be shoved around? (lol) I’m a short person and I really want to get a good view. Btw, would it be possible to have his autograph at the end of the show? Any tips, suggestions from those who had experiences? :))

It’ll reallllyy help. Serious answers btw. Please.

justin bieber concert

miranda cosgrove?

if i met miranda cosgrove and i asked her for a picture and an autograph do u think she would?

my other question is

does she stay in the california area or go to different states

miranda cosgrove

Demi Lovato concert at Six Flags?

I’m going to the June 22nd one in Chicago.
Do I need to purchase extra Tickets, or just the ones to get in?
Also, does anyone know if there will be autograph signing?

demi lovato concert