Selena Gomez Question! :)?

I need pictures that show selena gomez with short hair! Please && Thankyou!

*Lil Miss Sunshine.

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Is seatwave a legit site to buy tickets from?

I ordered two VIP Meet & Greet tickets from Seatwave (a third party seller) for a Justin Bieber concert in March. However, it says that you need the ID of the original package purchaser to meet him, which means that my tickets are now invalid. Have I been scammed?

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Is Selena Gomez a good singer, actor and an AWESOME CELEBRITY?

I am a very big FAN of Selena Gomez. Her TV shows, Music Albums & Movies are amazing. I just wanted to know your opinions so please tell?

selena gomez

What is the cheapest place for meet and greets for Justin Bieber?

I was wondering where I could get 3 m&g’s cheap (like around 700 dollars) for the Justin Bieber concert in Dallas or Chicago?

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How Many Albums Have Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez Sold?

How many copies have Demi Lovato’s albums "Don’t Forget" and "Here We Go Again" sold in the US as well as worldwide up to date? And how many copies have Selena Gomez’s album "Kiss & Tell" sold in the US as well as worldwide up to date? I urgently need these information for a marketing project we were assigned in school.

And please don’t use wikipedia as a resource. Thank you.

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What do I need to know to be an official directioner?

Im not an official directioner yet. What do I need to know? Why is it 6 Rs, who is Paul, and who Danielle&&caroline? All that stuff.
Plz help!

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I want someone to tell me 20 Questions about Selena Gomez and tell me the answers too ?

Give me 20 Questions about Selena Gomez, and include the answers, cuz theres a Selena gomez account on Facebook & I wanna know if shes real or fake.


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What's Selena Gomez's contact number for a private concert?

My birthday is on August 19th, & I told my parents that I want Selena Gomez to come to my house to perform a private concert. My parents said maybe if I can find the contact number, that maybe they’ll call. So I want to know, is there a contact number for a private Selena Gomez concert? Please respond ASAP if you know the number. Thank you!

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What are the lyrics to the 3rd verses of Garth Brooks "The Thunder Rolls" & "Friends in Low Places"?

They are not on any CD that I know of but I swear I heard a 3rd verse that talks about the wife getting a pistol in The Thunder Rolls & in Friends in Low Places it’s the same as the second verse only he basically tells her to kiss his AZZ? Anyone know the lyrics to the 3rd verses of these songs?
What about "The Thunder Rolls"?

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Where can you buy the packages to the justin bieber concerts?

SO i just wannnna know wher eyou can buy the packages to the justin bieber concerts, like "my world VIP" ?? & also does anyone know when he will be in the usa again?

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