Selena Gomez Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

The music video for “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” by Selena Gomez from her film, Another Cinderella Story, co-starring High School Musical’s Drew Seeley. Purchase the song from iTunes: Click here to get the video from iTunes: Check out more Another Cinderella Story videos at Download the album from AmazonMP3: Purchase the CD from MusicSpace (Currently on Sale!): Purchase Ringtones:…


  1. devilzgirlishere says:

    im soooooooo jealous of her !! idk why thou -.- a gud song thou

  2. MarciaCarvalho01 says:

    she is so pretty and her voice is so sweet :)
    i’m a big fan :)

  3. JOSHLWM says:

    i love this video soooooooooooo so so so so so much rock on seiena lol

  4. Tinkus92 says:

    what a style music??

  5. bambina320 says:

    Defenitly a good role model i just hope stardom dont go to her brain and she doesnt change cuz that really would ****!

  6. lol well i suppose she did ask

  7. bambina320 says:

    i dont love this song i think she could do better but its ok i guess. shes awsome tho!

  8. 308980481poop says:

    there is 63 360 inches in a mile there i told you something you dont know 😛

  9. FlyleafROCKS12341 says:


  10. FlyleafROCKS12341 says:

    this song rox

  11. AllMirandaCosgrove says:

    It’s Ok

  12. AllMirandaCosgrove says:

    I **** this song

  13. YOU ROCK Selena!

  14. SeXcBaBe107 says:

    i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv Selena Gomez!!! she’s such a great singer&she’s pretty&she’s a positive role model!!!

  15. SeXcBaBe107 says:’re sayin this in a good way xD

  16. panicblondie says:

    Selena’s hair looks AMAZING!! I wish my hair would do that lol

  17. I loveeee Selena!

  18. oookitties says:


  19. mermaidashley1 says:

    Selena is an awesome singer! This song rocks!

  20. CheeseMuffin95 says:

    Who knew Barney could help someone SO much?!!? LOL

  21. mominaghias06 says:

    this song rocks!!!!!:D:D:)

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