Selena Gomez on Ellen Degeneres

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  1. TessaandAlondra81 says:

    i just luv her i mean shes soooooooooo cool [i wish she was my sis]

  2. sdbasketballplaya says:

    haha nice

  3. yellowfeathers229 says:

    selena gave ellen a marshmello bow n arrow, lol

  4. drakkis says:

    As much as I don’t like her music, she seems like an awesome person.

  5. 15ikram says:

    i love you selena

  6. TheSoulSilver says:


  7. Brianster321 says:

    All im saying is that if you dont like her acting then dont watch it, but dont be mean about it dude.

  8. taylorswift46 says:

    i love selena shes so pretty and nice!

  9. Brianster321 says:

    If you dislike her very much then *** are u doing watching this video? You are either jealous cuz u dont look like her or mad cuz u can never get a girl that looks like her or your a Miley cirus **** sucker

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