Selena Gomez Fly To Your Heart FULL Music Video

No Copy Infringement Intended. All Credits Goes to Walt Disney! Selena Gomez singing “Fly To Your Heart” from Disney’s animated movie “Tinker Bell”. #36 – Most Discussed (Today) – Entertainment #56 – Most Viewed (Today) – Entertainment – Brazil #33 – Top Favorited (Today) #6 – Top Favorited (Today) – Entertainment #64 – Top Favorited (This Week) – Entertainment #33 – Top Rated (Today) – Entertainment


  1. vannamarks says:

    i love this song but win she flys
    thats corny

  2. beachgirl4480 says:

    she is awesome:)

  3. katerinavasiliou says:



  4. EliisabethKask says:

    i love it

  5. hotmad11551 says:

    she is a great singer =)

  6. misnickj says:

    this is a cute video
    i luv her dress
    shes a AMAZINGLY good singer
    luv this video

  7. vanillacherry318 says:

    yyeahh! i mean a lot of em can sing. but some are kinda random i think

  8. oceanscrashh23 says:

    haha teriblygifted wrote songs for her and theyre amazing!!!lol:]
    i think their 3 songs for her on total..i recomend them!!
    i love u sel

  9. LifzGr8Girl13 says:

    What do you mean meet? Where is she playing?

  10. amder112 says:

    love this song and her and her dress and her voice can’t wat to meet her this weekend

  11. martandreacp says:

    In questa canzone Selena è così teneraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =)=) ♥♥

  12. LikeOmygosh says:

    alot of people like tiffany thorton are singers and are discovered like that 😀 then they get disney jobs. lol btw: david henry isnt a singer :DD

  13. emerym1211 says:

    i think that is a pretty dress

  14. et0ile3 says:

    J’adore cette chanson ! Elle est magnifique et en plus Selena Gomez chante trop bien !

  15. sammysolsa says:

    great song

  16. StaRob4ever says:

    selena looks like a brunette taylor swift in this. loved the movie and the song is pretty good

  17. ellen25678 says:

    Love this song!!

  18. conversecrazed123 says:

    its awsome


  19. Rhetorical20 says:

    This is such a cool song

  20. I love this song !?!?!?!?!
    I dont know if that is normal at my age but i dont care!! haha
    love u selena and demi! lol

  21. animerox1206 says:

    i lke this song and the lyrics r so easy to remember!! hehehehehe!!! but im just saying dont take me the wring way tho!!

  22. Braylee33 says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! HAH I LOVE TINKERBELL! and its funny how everyone from disney ends up being a singer! lol :) love you SELENA!!!!! ~Braylee!~

  23. Emo6Gir6Lover6 says:

    omg idk why but this song makes me feel like a kid

  24. Hablagrabla says:

    Demi can sing. Both of them are awesome.

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