selena gomez??????????????????????????????????????????

ok so i wanna know if you guys are a fan of selena gomez and why you like her?! give atleast 3 reasons why!

selena gomez


  1. Peterpan96 says:

    There are too many reasons to count why I love her. Her music, her show, her movies, and how funny and random she is put a smile on my face during a difficult time in my life.She was the reason I made it through. I don’t know how I became so obsessed with her, but I’m so glad I did. I don’t care what people think, I don’t give a fuck if she was on Disney so that makes her "babyish" when you’re in high school, because Selena Marie Gomez saved my life. And I will be forever her biggest fan and support ALL of her decisions in order to repay her.

  2. union DOMI nation says:

    She’s stupid

  3. I Would Prefer to Remain Anonymous says:

    I am only a fan because I want to bang her. Hope this helps.

  4. DoctorHorseLover says:

    I LOVEE selena gomez!

    Shes a great singer, She’s so loyal to her fans and careing, And shes just so pretty(:

    Please mark me best answer iif ya think i helped youu!! Please and thank you (:

  5. Slazzy69 says:

    The likes. 1. Shes hot 2. Shes hot 3. Shes hot. Dislikes 1. Shes a bad lier 2, shes naive 3. Shes kinda a B*tch when theres no cameras

  6. i like candies says:

    1. She’s a great actress and an okay singer (I love all of the movies/shows she’s done)
    2. She’s a really loyal and caring person and a great role model to everyone
    3. She’s beautiful, both inside and out

  7. 1) I think she is a great actress and singer.

    2) I like how she treats her fans.

    3) Based on an interview Demi Lovato did, Selena was a very loyal friend to her during the time Demi was in treatment.

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