New Classic – Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez

Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez singing New Classic from the Another Cinderella Story Soundtrack. Check out more Another Cinderella Story videos at Download the album from AmazonMP3: Purchase the CD from MusicSpace (Currently on Sale!): Purchase Ringtones:


  1. Vicc125 says:

    Drew needs to tone his voice a little bit, when they’re both singing you can barley hear Selena.

  2. Janine1226 says:

    i kno rite! :] shes soo awesome shes my idol :]

  3. emerym1211 says:

    i love Selena Gomez she is a great dancer and singer

  4. MrDebia says:

    is abeatiful video

  5. iloveclarkk says:

    It’s Another Cinderella Story

  6. FDHrepresent says:

    wats dis movie called??

  7. zackisbell says:


  8. wert19967 says:

    My sis luvs how Selena sings at 1:27 she luvs her voice!!!

  9. Mckakes411 says:

    ya it is

  10. Eevee2Umbreon100 says:

    I love this song!It’s my favorite in the whole entire movie!

  11. andii0309 says:

    really is selena dancing in this video?

  12. aveisa100 says:

    i love this song and dance.selena dance so good.

  13. ashley12345651394 says:

    u dumb

  14. rysterman34 says:

    Who ever made this movie is genius and Selena and Drew are amazing . Cinderella is a classic, this is a new classic.

  15. ThatGirl1011 says:

    Was That actually Selena dancing in the vid?

  16. fungirlcat194 says:

    i love the way he sang at :39 to 1:00

  17. chinghxd says:

    was that really selena doing those jazz dance moves in the beginning?

  18. alitheking500500 says:

    nice song

  19. TaraNicole333 says:

    Guys if you like miley, check out my vid of me singing “if we were a movie”.. i’m mostly having fun, but tell me what you think!! :)

  20. PhycoChic101 says:

    what the hell do god have to do with this

  21. trackdude85 says:


    Check out the vid “Father’s love letter” or my vid “Don’t Hide Anymore!” for help, hope and love. =)

  22. evinessioc says:

    In the ball scene, it’s obviously not her. Still, the movie is good in all.

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