Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas- Before the Storm Dallas, TX

Miley Cyrus makes a “surprise” appearance during the first stop of the Jonas Brothers’ World Tour in Dallas, Texas on June 20, 2009. I was waiting the whole night for this! To answer a lot of people’s question about what camera was used, it was a Canon Powershot S5 IS. I’ve never had honors before!


  1. alyssashouse524 says:

    aww she favored it(:

  2. bballernoe718 says:

    their cute 😉

  3. imsocool25 says:

    whoa… did joe and kevin come from ahaha that was funni all i see is kevin passsing at the end and joe half way tho

  4. AlyssaJonas3809 says:

    I love JB….but **** MILEY!!!!!

  5. othaddict22 says:

    i’m going to her concert in november :]
    anyways they sound awesome together!

  6. Ellieboo16 says:

    This is cute.

  7. xopinksugar27ox says:

    god. so adorable..

  8. xbearsxfanx93 says:

    wow this is so clear and high quality

  9. miIeycyrusvideos says:

    Hey thanks so much!!!!for the video!!!

  10. tuesdee1 says:

    r they goin out?

  11. camprocklover89 says:

    theres more proof thier dsting and there so cute together

  12. JOEmmyJonas says:

    aww!! that just gave me chills! they should date again:)

  13. ddrocksout says:

    Miley sounds HORRIBLE!!!
    So does Nick!
    My cat can sing better!

  14. Sibix3music says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Niley but thats awesome!
    great quality, thanks for post this vid.

  15. davidarchuletaluvr3 says:

    nickkk is so much better:)
    miley cant singforr shitt.but shes pretty.

  16. HBAofficial says:

    miley favorited this!! wow this is awesome and awesome quality!! i love this song :) x

  17. milkchocolateluvr says:

    i know lol! i was like who is that?…..woah its joe!

  18. lilmadselena says:

    was that joe that was passing by

  19. NickyJonas383 says:

    I Agree With You

  20. Tipsymissy says:

    I LOVE MILEY !!!! SEE EVERYONE IS CHEERING FOR MILEY. But nick, sorry dude…u sound constipated, don’t try too hard.

  21. jonasbbyx says:

    joes back pockets ……….. ? lmao

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