Justin bieber concert tickets?

This is what I need to know

– how much is the average jb concert ticket
– how much is a VIP ticket
– what does a VIP ticket mean? What does it include? Do you meet Justin bieber with it?
– how much is a meet and greet pass/ticket
– what does the meet and greet mean? What does it include?
– what are some things you should bring to a jb concert? Water bottle, glow sticks etc?
Btw font just say I’m a belieber and I’m not gonna marry him blah blah blah, I know that. But my sister wants to go to a concert so I need to know these things, thanks in advance

justin bieber concert


  1. hollisterr12 says:

    I got mine for really cheap so lowest is 40-1,000.
    V.I.P could be really expensive, it could cost to 300-2,000. It comes with V.I.P seats so your super duper close to the stage, you get soundcheck where you get to ask questions and stuff, and I’m pretty sure you get to meet him but I’m not really sure. You would have to call the arena to find out whats with all the V.I.P package, you could go to the arena and get it for so much cheaper that’s what i did. The ones on the computer are outrageously expensive and they get sold out in a minute.
    The meet and greet is you get to stand in line for a few then meet him take a picture you could say something most likely get a hug then you would have to leave, you could make him something and give it to him, I heard he loves when fans do that.
    You could get a glow stick at the arena they would be selling a bunch of bieber stuff. It gets really hot in a concert so you should bring one and your mouth would get a dry and stuff from screaming and singing. You could bring a poster, he always reads them at the end of the concert. He goes i see you yellow poster, I see you white teeshirt, he turns on the lights and looks at everyone/everything its pretty sweet. Have fun!!!

  2. pandabear23 says:

    wrong section. you’re looking for LGBT

  3. Anthony says:

    die beaver fan

  4. Average ticket – $95-$110
    VIP there are 2 types of VIP Bieber Fever $280 or Eenie Meenie $190-$210
    Bieber Fever- a photo, plus they give you like a gift pack and u MIGHT see him backstage with luck and a floor ticket. Eenie Meenie is kind of the same but different seeting.
    Meet and Greet IS VIP unless you WIN one via radio, internet etc
    Umm there is a shop there with glow sticks, tour shirts etc, but bring a drink and stuff

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