Justin Bieber concert!?

It’s my first concert for Justin Bieber & it’s for the Believe Tour in July. It’ll be really warm & I just want to know what to expect. I’m in row 1-22 just to let you know.. We don’t know what row & seat until my tickets come. What should I wear? I’m only 5’0 ft so i’m short, will it be hard to see? Do they allow you to take pictures/ videos? What time should I arrive? Thank you! No hate.
I realize it is 7 months away but this means the world to me.

justin bieber concert


  1. John Grant says:

    Kinda funny you’re fretting about something that won’t happen for another 7 months.

    Most of the concerts I’ve been to I’ve ended up standing up on my chair. Because everyone does that to get a better view. Its fine for me cause I’m over 6 feet. You might have that issue.

    Sometimes its also good to bring binoculars, too.

    You should arrive before the show starts. If you’re late to the show, you might have trouble claiming your seats.

  2. Carlos Katzenmeyer says:

    Burn your tickets and visit the local church to plead for God’s mercy for purchasing tickets to bieber’s concert

  3. I honestly don’t know. I went to see Aerosmith on Thursday and I took tons of videos amd pictures and drank about $30 worth of beer! Just go and have a good time.

    PS. It was all I could do not to hate on this!

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