Jonas Brothers concert posters and t-shirt ideas?

I am going to a Jonas Brothers concert and I wanted to make a creative t-shirt and/or poster. Do you have any ideas? Any ideas of what to wear that would be funny?

jonas brothers concert


  1. Last year, not poster were let in
    I would not waste your time on one

    A lot of home name T-shirts

    The one I remember were from a group of girls
    All had black t-shirts and neon -glow in the dark paint
    Each had a letter on the back
    J O N A S
    On the front they had something written, never got close enough to see

    They were pretty far from me, by you could see them

  2. my friend went 2 a concert and wore a shirt that had Christmas tree lights glued to it and it blinked and they saw her and thought it was so cool so they all took pics!!! (im really jealous!!!)

  3. R.I.P Michael Jackson<3 says:


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