Is there a limit on how many autographs to ask for at a jonas brothers concert?

i am going to a jonas brothers concert tomorrow and i need to know because two of my friends asked for me to get autographs for them.

jonas brothers concert


  1. I don’t think so..but I don’t think they’d be to happy if they had to sign 1235458 things from one person. Hope you have fun!

  2. kristina (wants a red jumpsuit) says:


  3. no……if u want to seem pushy if u want to b polite say could each of bu sign this n sign this for my two best friends

  4. unless you have backstage passes you probably wont even be able to ask them for their autograph..

  5. you wont be able to ask for them. ive gone to like 4 concerts and even i had meet and greets and at the meet and greets we werent allwoed to ask for autographs

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