Im going to a Miley Cyrus concert and I need T shirt ideas!!! Please hurry?

Hey me and my cousins r going to a concert and i wanted 2 make my own t shirt but i dont know what to say on them please if your gonna say something mean just leave now

miley cyrus concert


  1. nuttybuddy4 says:

    My friend went to a Jonas concert (:( ) and made a sign that was pretty cute 2 me. Say I got an A+ in Cyrus-ology or Miley-Ology whichever you prefer

  2. Potter fan :) says:

    MAybe we love you miley!! With a heart and all your names…

  3. Ketchupfrom4ce4 says:

    I ♥
    (idk like the new york tee design?)
    or take a line from her song and put it on

  4. say Miley i love you or you rock or make a picture of her

  5. ok, I go to rock concerts (so definately no miley cyrus) but what i do is I write my favorite lyrics and song titles on a white tank top over a black bra.

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