If i buy a tshirt or poster at a Jonas Brothers concert, can i meet the band Honor Society?

i’ve been told that if you go to a jonas concert and buy an honor society t-shirt or poster, you can meet honor society after the jonas brothers concert. is that true?
i’m going to a jonas concert july 26th.
oh and please don’t leave rude and immature comments. i’m going to a jonas brothers concert because i’m a fan of them. big dealll get over it.

jonas brothers concert


  1. yes you can. i recently went to both chicago concerts and i met honor society 4 times!! and you can only get in line if you buy a honor society shirt or poster. what i suggest is leaving during s.o.s because there is A LOT of people and they all get in line to meet them so if you leave early youll be one of the persons to meet them! the concert was awsome have fun!!!

  2. <3*JONAS*<3 says:

    i dont think so

  3. Micheal Jackson The King Of Pop says:

    No thanks! You’re better off being a demo.

  4. Ana Jonas. (: says:

    alot of people that go to jonas brothers concerts
    get to meet honor society. (:
    Cool I Hope You have Fun At The concert. & Get To
    Meet Honor Society.
    Im a Big Jonas Fan Too. (:

  5. Courteney P says:

    i dont think so. i went to a jonas concert last week and they didnt mention that

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