How long is Demi Lovato's Concert?

im going to her concert and i was wandering how long it is.

from the opening act to finale?

demi lovato concert


  1. <3musicgrrl<3 says:

    KSM’s set is about 15-20 min, David’s set is about 40-50 min, then there is a twenty minute intermission. Demi’s set is about 1 hr 15 min- 1 hr. 30 min. Overall, the concert is about three hours.

    Hope i helped!! :)

  2. Lady GaGa says:

    She sings until she gets talent. So the concert will be forever and a day.

  3. iiā™„Nicholas D'Agosto says:

    i think about 2 hours or a little bit more

  4. tempest (SGP President) says:

    the whole thing together is just under 3 hours

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