How long does a Justin Bieber concert last?

Me & my sister are going to a Justin Bieber concert on January 22nd. It starts at 7:00, & it’s on a Tuesday. I was just wondering how long it will last. Also, what I should wear? It’s January, so it’ll probably be cold. But it might get hot in the arena? So, I don’t know what I should dress like. thanks for any help everyone.

justin bieber concert


  1. hollisterr12 says:

    Justin Bieber concerts last 4 hours. The concert starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 10:20 PM. All artists and groups have 2-3 opening acts that perform before them at their shows which is about 30 minutes long for each opening act. Justin Bieber should be coming out to perform at 8:30 PM. You will know when Justin Bieber is getting ready to come out on stage because there will be a large 15 minute clock countdown on the screen that’s above the stage. Depending on how cold out it is or if it is snowing you should wear a t-shirt and bring a coat or jacket with you that you can set down on your seat when the concert starts, you should also wear jeans and sneakers or boots as well. Whether it is winter or fall the concert will be hot because of the body heat, dancing and jumping around. Justin Bieber does not allow you to sit on your seat throughout the concert. Have fun seeing Justin Bieber live.

  2. 4 hours

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