How can i mix match clothes for me to look like Selena Gomez?

I have black, and blue jeans,,
red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and pink T-shirt
black, white, green, blue, and pink dresses,
and blue stocking,, and some accesories
How can I mix and match clothes to look like Selena Gomez?

selena gomez


  1. Best Answer says:

    idk go ask her.

  2. Why don’t you look like YOU, instead of looking like her?

  3. Vegan_Mom says:

    I was going to ask the same thing as Liqaa. Take what you have, put it together in a way that you like. Wear that with confidence– Stand tall, with a straight back and stride like you know you have good taste in clothing.

  4. ArchAngel-JB says:

    My advice would be create your own style instead of copying Selena Gomez’s
    But i am gonna answer your question anyway
    just mix and match by pairing up a pair of jeans with a T-shirt, add a few cute accessories, wear a pair of converse and you could add a cute vest or a cardigan
    Hope I Helped

  5. Anonymous says:

    pink dress over black jeans with boots and a sweater

  6. Well what I can say is she has a unique style, vintage, colorful but not too colorful, a touch of sparkle but not much sparkle, she like detail and layers, and yeah. She loves the store Forever 21. I think it is great you want to look like her! I once met her at an autograph signing. She said " wow, I love your outfit and hair!" and she also asked "what is your favorite episode of wizards?" i said "i dint know i like all!" and then she gave me a wizards of waverly place dvd, FOR FREE! i said thank u a million times! i was also wearing a jonas brother bracelet, and she said " I see u like the jonas brothers, do u think they are Hott?" and i laughed and said "yea" and she said " i know! they are my hotties,dont take them and dont tell the paparazzi i just said that!" and we laughed and she said how she really appreciated me being her fan. she was so nice and she even put a heart next to her Signature and i dont think she did that to anyone else!

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