How can I be like Selena Gomez?

How can I be as grounded, wholesome, and friendly like Selena Gomez?

selena gomez


  1. That’s totally impossible. You can’t be like Selena Gomez. We are all different. Have you ever met her?-No! Have you ever talked or hanged out with her? No. Nobody can say for sure that the things we read about celebrities in tabloids are true. They make up stories about them just to sell their tabloids. So, don’t read interviews about her, they’ll just confuse you. Two different tabloids can have Selena on theirs cover, with same title, same questions, but different answers. If you love Selena so much, do something else. Take her picture to your hair dresser and cut your hair like hers. You can’t become grounded, wholesome, and friendly over the night. Copy her style, hair, make-up, but you can’t copy her whole personality. She’s like that her whole life…and you can’t take that from her by just reading the tabloids…Come on kid, just be yourself!!!!!

  2. Isaac R says:

    1) Read her biography via books or the internet.
    2) Try following her constantly on Twitter.
    3) Feel yourself to be her, and you will ultimately end up becoming thus!

  3. lola‚ô• says:

    Just treat people how you’d like to be treated, and be yourself! Selena’s nice because she treats others with respect. Its so simple, just surround yourself with good people who you love and people who love you, introduce yourself to new people, always be polite and respect people, just be nice to everyone! Dont let anything get to your head – Selena doesn’t let fame get to her head and is just a normal person.

  4. briiiitneey says:

    selena gomez?
    hmm, interesting choice.
    i would say, watch interviews about her, being HER.
    don’t watch her shows, on television, because that isn’t her.
    that is her acting.
    selena gomez, is very nice, caring and a wonderful, intelligent girl.
    i know you probally don’t want to here this.
    but, don’t act like her. that is frankly, being fake.
    the friends you have now, like you for YOU. not for being someone you aren’t.
    i know how you feel, i use to love demi lovato. (i still do, she’s awesome)
    and i use to try and act like her, and be like her because she was my role model.
    but i realized, i was being fake, and not myself. and i hated acting like something i wasn’t.

    but. if you really want to, go on google and search
    "how to act like selena gomez." it should come up with a wikihow. click on that and it’ll tell you.
    or like i said up there, just watch interviews of her. and catch up like that.

  5. Lianabanana says:

    I luv Selena too!!! You have to be yourself too if you want to also be like Sel. You could just pray and ask God that he will help you be kind and friendly. You could try to find good things out of bad things and be happy about that.
    g2g good luck

  6. bella_is_ice says:

    Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, skinny jeans, converse, scarves, vests, always at least one piece of jewelry whether a necklace or headband or earrings. AND RINGS!!!!!!!!!
    Her hair is either wavy, straight with side swept bangs, in a side pony tail, or in a messy bun. You can put a headband with all of them- but don’t.
    Neutral make up black eye liner, peach blush, maybe some lip gloss, and gold/peach eyeshadow.

    having friends that support you and don’t criticize. and if you have a huge zit won’t say anything and if they do are offering a suggestion to conceal it or handing over concealer.people you don’t have to act for. like if you wear something that isn’t ‘in’ not ignoring you for that or being mean or avoiding you.

    confidence, casualness, silly, being positive, energetic. If you don’t have the best confidence then just keep a smile on your face and be positive and it will come naturally. Say high to the guy or girl who is by them self or who you see all the time but never speak to.

    Hope I helped. She’s a good role model:)

  7. Why do u wanna be like her? Just be you. Dont identify your self with a celeb and lose your identity.. Be true to you. Just admire characteristics about them but also in other notso famous ppl too

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